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Dungeon Runners it a hack and slash online rpg game developed by a team of NC Soft, where you, as a brave hero explore dungeons alone or in party and complete different tasks given to you by the local NPCs. To get a picture of the game play and the features behind this game, well…just think of Diablo II online with 200-300 people on the same server and add some basic MMORPG features.

In Dungeons Runners you can play as a warrior, mage and of course a ranger. You can buy powerful skills from NPC at different levels to enhance your character. You also have complete control of its attributes: strength, agility, endurance and intellect by adding the 5 points you receive per level to these attributes.

Most of the features in this game are a copy from Diablo II, and it works really well. From portal to town, random generated maps, random items drops and their importance, developers didn’t stop here; they added some of their features too, like a nifty feature where you can teleport to the party members so you don’t loose time reaching them.

As Dungeon Runner, you complete different tasks, challenges received from the NPCs you found around in Townston, the local city, and other locations. The adventure maps, dungeons, are completely instanced for your party or yourself, and they are randomly generated each time you log in and reach them again. In these locations you adventure to kill monsters or to scout ahead for dangers, and of course to find “PHAT LOOWT”. Also a map can be completed on a 3 difficulty modes, from Normal to Formidable, Extreme and Insane, where  on Formidable  you get  +50% monster health, +20% monster damage, +50% loot drops and on Extreme  +100% monster health, +40% monster damage, +100% loot drops, and on Insane! - +150% monster health, +80% monster damage, +150% loot drops.

Selling The 'Phawt Loot'!

Selling The 'Phawt Loot'!

The story behind the quests, even though it simple, makes sense if you read it, and the audio speeches from the NPCs are hilarious, as well as the whole world impersonates a funny but dangerous and satisfying fantasy world.

You can control your character with the classic W,A,S,D keys and mouse, or you can choose to select a point to click for movement, combat. First level encounters are easy. Then, it gets challenging and you have to learn which skills you have to use and how to use them. For example you have a skill named butcher for fighters, and when you are surrounded you  can use this skill to neutralize one enemy for a few seconds by knocking him down, and taking care of his pals until he wakes up alone to get his whooping too. Also, death is painless in general, but in some high level dungeons you will receive a temporary penalty on death.

Looking at high lvl people

Looking at high lvl people

Besides the old school random loots generator, originally from Diablo I-II, the game has a system named Relics, where some NPCs will reward you with great items for your level by giving them King coins, acquired in your adventures.

There is also a pvp server where you compete in teams against each other in a pvp dungeon, but it still needs a lot of tweaking and more features.

The graphics engine is simple but very well conceived, the characters models and armor are good, and it seems we have a model for each item, which is great, so you rarely see twins, unless they have relics or some popular sets.

The music and sound effects are decent, though on some occasions the background music flips away from the fantasy theme to some techno, electronic music, which was a little strange for this game.

The game is available for free download, and with two subscription plans. One free, but limited, with ads in loading screens and on top of the screen, and the full membership plan, where you pay 4.99$ for full features and no ads.  The ads messages on loading screens that rarely appears are a little brain washing sometimes like “buy this game or..”, and sometimes are hilarious.

In the end, Dungeon Runners is a great and fun little online rpg game, mmorpg, with decent features, good graphics, and fun to play in small doses,  when your mouse itches for some hack and slash alone or with your friends to discover new challenges or some PHAWT LOOT!


Dungeon Runners - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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