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Video Review
Zack and Neeks venture into the sandbox world of Face of Mankind.

Developed by Duplex Systems Face of Mankind is a Sandbox MMO set in a dark Sci-fi universe. Humanity has colonized the Stars and now rival factions compete for influence over these new colonies.   Read more »

You as a player join one of these 8 factions as a low level recruit. Choice of faction will heavily influence the roles you take on in the game. There are military, law enforcement, economic and renegade factions, for instance the law enforcement faction best suited for those who want to keep the peace and bring to justice, player criminals, whereas a renegade faction is more suited to those who want total freedom.

The game world is represented by a series of space colonies, which are reached using a Star Trek style transporter. So no spaceship travel sadly. Each colony is also home to a particular factions headquarters. You also get given a basic player house in the beginning, which you can upgrade as you acquire more credits.

Being a sandbox MMO, Face of Mankind offers some unique features. The first being all the 8 factions are completely player run. Based on a hierarchy from the faction leader down, players move up the faction ladder by being promoted by those above them.

Promotion is usually earned by participating in your factions community such as grouping up and taking on tasks set by faction leaders. Faction leaders can also declare war and form alliances with other factions, this creates an interesting and deep political system matched only by EVE online and its player empires. Within the faction I joined I found the whole player run, system to work very well, with higher ranked members even providing a training programme to new recruits.

The second unique feature is the crime and punishment system, unlike other MMORPG Games it is possible to attack other players at any time, as well as do in-game illegal activities such as hacking and drug smuggling. Doing so earns the player penalty points, get enough of these and players in the law enforcement faction can arrest you and send you to prison. Once in prison you have to perform repetitive tasks in order to reduce your penalty points to zero at which point you are freed. The ability for the player base to police itself definitely helps offset the fear some may have of a player killing free for all.

Combat is a third person shooter system that uses a simple rock papers scissors approach. Weapons are either Ballistic or Energy based, while armour is limited to protecting against one weapon type at a time. Although basic at first glance, there is a huge range of armour and weapons to choose from. Combat extras include scopes for sniping, night vision and a healing gun that allows you to play the support role. Factions are able to have wars with each other and Face of Mankind can claim to have big set piece battles, but on average the combat you see will be small time ganks.

The economy like any good sandbox MMORPG is player driven, all items created and the materials gathered for item creation are done solely by the players. All items eventually break through continued use, this is represented by durability in-game. Factions get exclusive rights to produce items and economic factions get bonuses in item creation itself. This means the economy is always active and provides a fun role for those who want to trade. Unfortunately most money making tasks such as mining, is itself boringly simple, involving nothing more than a few clicks on an in-game terminal and then waiting a lot.

Overall Face of Mankind is a tricky one to pin down. Being a sandbox means its all about creating your own fun with the features provided. Most people find this off putting as it requires more effort than your average Online MMORPG Game. When it comes to Face of Mankind I would say the amount of entertainment you get out of it is proportional to effort you put into the player community. The community I may add is one of the most helpful I've met so far. So I recommend playing the free to play client and upgrading to premium if the concept grabs you.

So I rate Face of Mankind 7/10, thanks for watching!

Zac Dai and Neeks

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Face of Mankind - Video Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 21 ratings
Face of Mankind - Video Review

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3 Comments to “Face of Mankind - Video Review”

  1. Wilfred Sapere says:

    You’re missing a resistance amp. Equip it to your leg slot and turn it on with R7. Rebind it to Q or another more easily accessible key.

  2. LED_Player says:

    Thanks for making a decent review for Face of Mankind. Not many MMO reviewers can grasp the concept of this game. While you missed out on some huge aspects of the game, I must say you went far with your research on Face of Mankind then any other MMO reviewing websites. -claps for you!-

    Also, thanks for reviewing FoM. For those who still don’t know what Face of Mankind is? Face of Mankind is Sandbox MMOFPS. A game which is entirely run by players. The ranking up in-game is done by your superior ranks and is not entirely based on XP. The more time and effort you put into your faction gets you places in this game. All those people who like Eve-Online type games should try this. I really can’t explain in words how awesome this game is. Try it, Join LED for they are the most new-player friendly faction. Ask for DPI instructor when you are LED. This game is 1000/10.

  3. Captain Dagge says:

    LED_Player: I would say FDC have a very nice attitude towards new people (as it’s shown in the video)! So if you want action join Freedom Defense Corps, be a soldier of the dominion. And maybe even get a chance at joining the FDC elite force also known as Freedom Defense Marines.

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