Heroes of Might and Magic Online - Closed Beta Keys Giveaway

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MMORPG-Center is working with TQ Digital Entertainment to give away Closed Beta Keys for Heroes of Might and Magic Online.
Note: The game servers are hosted in the Asian region at moment. Players from other areas may experience slow connection speeds.

Heroes of Might and Magic Online (HoMM Online) is an MMORPG licensed by UBISOFT and developed by TQ Digital. It is an online game that combines the classic elements of HoMM III with the updated graphics of HoMM V to present a unique gameplay. HoMM Online is also a turn based online game that puts the emphasis on strategic planning and tactical skill while allowing players to socialize and create their own stories. You will take on the role of a hero and improve your castle with resources gained from your adventures all the while gathering armies and preparing alliances for the inevitable wars of domination that lie ahead! Your legend is only beginning. So don’t hesitate and get your key today!

Giveaway is now over.

You can get a key now on official site too: http://contest.homm.91.com/getcode/

How to use your key?
Step 1: Create a HoMM Online account here
Step 2: Jump to activation page and input your CB key to active your account
Step 3: Download the client here
Step 4: Log into the game on May 7th, 2010

Have fun in Heroes of Might and Magic Online!

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