MMORPG Center - 2012 Player Choice Awards

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2012 was a good year for MMORPG Games. After a few years of major disappointments and a lack of quality MMO Games, this year things got better. We are still a long way from a healthy and innovative MMO industry, but we are getting there, slowly.

The end of the year its almost here and it's time for you to vote on your favorite MMORPGs of the year. We gathered some of the most of the popular and innovative titles for this year MMORPG Center's 2012 Player Choice Awards. Below you can vote in the all of the five categories created for this year.



MMORPG Center - 2012 Player Choice Awards, 9.0 out of 10 based on 85 ratings

28 Comments to “MMORPG Center - 2012 Player Choice Awards”

  1. Peter Radtke says:

    Pirate Galaxy hat die beste Graphik aller MMORPGs,da kommt keiner ran.!!

  2. Anthony Famiglietti says:

    No SWTOR? No Transformers Universe?

  3. Florian Nolte says:

    StarTrekOnline is the best!!!

  4. Felderburg says:

    City of Heroes?

    • Kurt says:

       If the game was still around maybe, but the game died before the end of 2012 because NCSoft investors didn’t see a 3% profit for a MMO good enough.

  5. Strider Aragorn says:

    STO all the way!

  6. MIKI_macedon says:

    BattleStar Galactica best game ever ! epic PvP system

  7. Drakensang COncerteza e  um jogo fantastico vai Brazilis

  8. Drakensang COncerteza e  um jogo fantastico vai Brazilis

  9. Pirate galaxy a des supers graphismes et le jeu est très bien je trouve

  10. Angelo Gjoni says:

    drakensang all voteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. swtor?? Lol… incredible.

  12. anastasis kamarinos says:


  13. BSGO forever the best game

  14. UFF_ADMIRAL_VIC1 says:

    battlestar all the way …. UFF for life!!

    Live together die alone


    Regards Admiral Vic

  15. BSGO best browser game ever released.
    Epic moments.

  16. BSGO best browser game ever released epic moments.

  17. LOL ironic that there is only like 500 votes on some of the supposedly biggest games. retarded award.

  18. Pein Zmuda says:

    Wakfu online its best game 4ever

  19. always vote for best mmo :) Star Trek Online 

  20. wow come on! Firefall should have been the most anticipated!!….what the hell is world of warships?!

    • Shannon Phalen says:

      One of two sister projects (the other being World of Warplanes) to World of Tanks, where instead of 1 kilometer by 1 kilometer land battles or 15 kilometer by 15 kilometer air battles, players take part in 60 kilometer by 60 kilometer sea battles using battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and aircraft carriers from the 1900′s through 1950. A 3D naval combat game with realistic ranges is long overdue, and that’s why World of Warships, as little-known as it has been throughout 2012, is finally starting to get some rightly deserved recognition!

  21. Star Trek Online is BEST GAME EVER

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