MMORPG Center's 2010 Player's Choice Awards

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2010 wasn't a great year for triple A mmorpgs or for veteran players of the genre, but when it came to freebies, the industry went berserk. Due to the huge success that some developers registered when transforming their mmorpg games to free mmorpg, many publishers rushed to jump on the “free to pay” wagon in most cases simply to prolong the agony of a dying game. Although some good things did eventually came out of this, many of us are still patiently waiting for the next gen mmo and we have been doing so since the release of EVE Online and Warhammer Online.

The surveys are closed. Below you can find who won on each category. Happy new year!

Total Votes: 117,495

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Most Anticipated MMORPG 2011

Best MMORPG of the Decade 2010
MMORPG Center's 2010 Player's Choice Awards, 9.3 out of 10 based on 337 ratings

54 Comments to “MMORPG Center's 2010 Player's Choice Awards”

  1. xedas says:

    bah wow had to be the top mmo of the decade. Gamming is starting to take the path cinema took and music before it. Lots of crap made by untalented people.

  2. mufasa says:


    EVE Online is superior to WOW on many points even with his flaws, but most of the players of WOW never played a mmorpg in their life, so yeah casual stuff. It’s a decent mmo very polished, but too casual and grindy

  3. eric says:

    Lol! WOT Community went mad i see, while its a good free mmo, i prefer Guild Wars 2 as Most Anticipated. I am looking for to test Rift and Tera as well.

  4. BFG says:

    WOT is really nice, it deserves those votes

  5. Mark says:

    WoW, WAS way better mmorpg than EVE, I’ve played both, and eve has its things, but is for meeting people, chatting, or just being bored, you never actually do nothing on eve

  6. freeno56 says:

    WoT is one of the best games ever! right next to EVE. but i hope WoT wins!

  7. neKr0w says:

    How in the heck are FFXIV and STO getting more votes for Best Game of the Year??? I wonder if the people voting actually played them or read any reviews or listened to what players are saying about those games. Heck just 3 months after release FFXIV has gone permanent F2P until the game satisfies players, project lead was fired/resigned in shame. And it is getting the most votes? wth??

  8. Kaveman says:

    Darkorbit is my vote, although it has bad lag sometimes, the new designs and ship appearnaces are great, and all of the new updates have been a great addition to the game, well done Darkorbit.

  9. Julieta_ says:

    I love darkorbit have played it for 18 months and have seen all the changes. It went from a very basic click and shoot to a stylish exciting and visually stimulating game. There have been many draw backs as new additions cause server issues but its the constant newness and versatility I enjoy. Also each server is a community with its own personality. Thank you BigPoint!!!

  10. Many people are wondering why World of Tanks received so many votes:

    1) They have a dedicated fan base.

    2) This is a open survey so is linked from their official site. Of course other developers did that too and we have encourage it, but it seems the WOT fans are very dedicated and many :) )

    3) All votes are restricted to each unique visitor (no matter how many times he visits the site or when)

    Why FF XIV is receiving so many votes? No idea. Players are casting their votes, not us, so its their choice, “Players Choice”.

    Hope it clears up a few things.

    Have fun!

  11. clair maria milani says:

    Darkorbit is wonderful … educational, intelligent and newsy. Amazing people got to know Him or better amazing drivers! I love this game! I hope it never ends.

  12. G-R-U-M-P-Y says:

    The one thing everyone is not saying about these games is “customer service” - how well does the company and programmers respond to problems of accounts, conflicts which develop, unruly players, etc. If there is no support for the customers in a professional and friendly manner, the customers will lose interest and support for the games.

    If I treated my customers like many of these companies treat their customer base I’d be out of business in a month. Some of these companies look at the turnover rate of players as a natural flow when in fact it is the customer support itself and not the game that is running their players out the door after a few weeks.

    Without players you have no game. Without professional and friendly customer support you will have no long term players. Don’t blame it on graphics or servers or trends. Blame your lack of customer support.

  13. Paul says:

    Dark orbit is a money grabbing game with lack of quality in the services it offers,the servers regular can not handle the users which causes the game to crash,lock or lag.
    Support are not helpfull and quite nasty at times

  14. Lering says:

    EVE is the only real MMORPG. You have to find your place and you arent just some guy who just is there, you can change the world easily!

  15. jon says:

    voted eve..
    Tough call tbh as i have played wow since day 1 and left eve initially when wow came out, but got bored of it during Lich king. Eve’s great and certainly they’ve improved their game since when days that i had orriginally played. Least now you have a very large tutorial, opposed to the 3 small pages “shoot this, mine that, dock.. the end” now it incompasses a whole load more and makes the experience that much more rewarding.

    I do still have an interest in wow and reciently got the cataclysm expansion, and as a simple running around and zapping things game it’s fun. theres alot more humor now than before and seeing scenes from indiana jones is allways ammusing.

    That said wow feels like its being over run by kids, and the contant crap in local channel with people bitching at eachother just sends me to sleep sometimes. that and waiting 45mins for an instance can be somewhat boring too.

    Coarse with eve you have your agent missions and allthough these seen to repeat themselves now and then you can allways cancel one and not suffer any problems where as in wow you’ve got to do it to progress.

    in short Play wow if you just want a casual bit of fun, and play eve if you want to commit yourself to a goal. Where you can be whatever you want to be, ohh and its got its own radio show too (been listening to it for about 6yrs now) :)

  16. MissleLauncherGirlsRock says:

    Aww wow is beating out eve. If only wow players would swallow thier pride and try eve they would get suckjed in and never want to play that fail game again ^^ at least you can get ahold of helpfull in game staff to get you out of sticky situations then having to wait all day after submiting a ticket. Also there are many more avenues you can do then having to stick to one class set all day long. :S You cant get that anywere else but Eve online

  17. Reese says:

    In an unbiased view, WoW offered easy and fun gaming. Eve was complex and open ended. Personally, I feel Eve is the better game, overall as an rpg because it is the more roleplay game. You can truely play how you want without classes. Despite your preference, the more options and the fact it is entirely player driven makes eve, imo the ultimate MMO.

  18. NIclas says:

    APB? was the servers even up for 2 months? why is it even a option in best new?

  19. Homies says:

    I think EVE online is the best game. There are many different kinds of things you can do in the game. I like how all the players interact in a single existance of the game, ie no multiple servers, 50k players on when I logged in, thats alot of players to interact with. There are npc police gaurded areas for carebears to lawless areas you can pvp your heart out.Very fun space game., oh ya, did I mention that its a direct downloadable game from their website that you can play 15days for free :)

  20. Nanophreak says:

    WoW shall not pass.

  21. dissappointdad says:

    eve online…yeah playin it since beta, but it gets increasingly worse.

    GMs think of themselfes as a bunch of semi-deities, and since they work for some contractor it looks like ccp lost control of them
    ppl get permabanned for no reason or without any reason given why, chat gets censored (its not hello kitty online, ffs!).
    on the other hand, one doesnt see ppl, who clearly are involved in forbidden activities as real-money-trading or botting, get permabanned at all. maybe some gentle slap on the wrist as in bann for a week, but nothing else.

  22. Samuel Caldara says:

    Are you kidding me? Thats one of the best things about EvE there is tons of stuff to do. What you might be referring to is the fact that almost none of it is scripted and is primarily player driven (for example the massive war between the Northern Coalition and the Southern Coalition). In order to do the best stuff, you actually have to be social and join groups of people.

    Tell me WoW, do you regularly have thousands of players fighting against each other for territory that can be held and upgraded?

  23. Erynn says:

    I would have voted for Galaxies as MMO of the decade, if only I could get what SOE did to it out of my head. So instead I msut tip my hat to EVE, which is almost as open and almost as fun.

  24. Aihwa says:

    EVE and WoT are without a doubt the best two MMO’s out there in their respective categories. They’re not perfect, but they’re closer to perfection than the rest.

  25. Dragonrider 000 says:

    EVE is just a better game then wow its just the simple fact. it gives people a challange and makes you wana cry sometimes and sometimes u can feel your heart beating with the thrill of the fight. eve is also a sandbox witch most people coming from wow do not understand the concept of and after a week they quit. but wow douse have its place in the world its where people who dont wana get outside there bubble go.

  26. E V E O N L I N E says:

    Eve online is the only true sand box out there. Games like wow, are just grind for the next 1% advancement. No war, no politics, nothing to fight over.

  27. Alan says:

    WoW just seems like child’s play after trying EVE. I don’t think I’ll ever go back. It’s like a grown-up/space version of WoW, where you’re not coddled every step of the way, and the backstory actually makes sense. I’ve even had people who don’t play the game, read the book and get in to the game. Bye WoW, hello space.

  28. ruah says:

    While eve is the better game, wow is the game of the decade just because its the game that caused the revolution.

    and as somon who has been in wow since 05 and eve since late 04, I hav a unique perspective on both. I still play eve, and i really only log onto wow to walk around and visit the old hangouts - so yah - eve is better, wow is the more influential.

    i did not vote.

  29. Vis Nyliss says:

    Eve Online for MMO of the Decade, definitely. Hands down, without a doubt.

    Main reason being is that most of the game is completely player-driven. 99% of the things on the market are sold by actual players. All the wars going on? That’s not because of some event or anything, that’s because players are going to war with other players. PvE content is great, PvP is just awesome, and you really get the feeling that the things you do actually matter, since everybody that plays Eve plays together. None of this separate servers and shards crap, everybody plays with everybody.

    The Dev interaction with the players in Eve is another huge strong point. Just take a look at the Council of Stellar Management. A team of players voted in BY the players to go and meet with CCP and suggest things and critique things and let the Devs know exactly what the players want. What other game does anything LIKE that?

  30. JMO says:

    Eve is only as boring as you make it. There is always something to do in Eve. The problem is that most people are so used to the game spoon feeding them content. Eve is a sandbox with tons of stuff to do but most people give up before they discover most of the content. I have played both WoW and Eve and I have mutiple accounts on Eve and my WoW account is collecting virtual dust.

  31. Chribba says:

    Eve online

    Veldspar is more important then titanium or w/e the wow ore’s are now.

  32. Jackie Cane says:

    Eve is for grown ups :)

  33. VirusMD says:

    EVE ONLINE! Nothing better out there, CCP will rule the world!

  34. DrakkonAI says:

    \o/ At least Eve has everything in one place rather then having to spam world chat for an item all day like WoW


  35. Kialda says:

    I,ve been rolling with WoT a lot lately. Love the instant action play. I still have an account with PotBS, just really enjoy the game.

  36. meNtalhead says:

    World of Tanks best free and most anticipated MMO! It’s way better than boring EVE!

  37. Fizzler says:

    Best MMORPG of the Decade:

    Ultima Online

  38. Fagarcia says:

    SWG pre cu. Then EVE.

  39. EVE and WoT player says:


    They’re to completely different games and cna’t really be compared, both are good though! :)

  40. Yyoyo says:

    Runes of Magic in category best f2p game? It should be p2p…

  41. Although I play both EVE and WoW and I thoroughly enjoy both games; I’m giving the ‘decade’ vote to EVE. There’s just so much more to EVE. I mean, I’ve been playing for a year or so now and I haven’t even cracked the surface! In WoW, I’ve hit level cap shortly after the beginning of each expansion (including Cata) and dwindled in willingness to play every single day. But that doesn’t mean I hate the game, I just like being in space a little bit more.

    And I’m not sure what’s wrong with the guy calling CCP untalented, you must have some kind of head problem. And as for the people generally whining about EVE, you’re probably butthurt.

  42. A player says:

    Runes of magic, a game that began enough good, in spite of more or less normal failures. The problem is that at the moment the classes little are balanced. Single they serve 3, the tanks, the priests and the explorers. A greeting.

  43. will says:

    How on Earth is STO running in second place for best new mmo 2010?
    It was by far THE worst MMO i ever had the displeasure of playing..

    0 content

    only thing keeping it alive is those weird treky types that cant get enough of that live long and prosper gubbins!

  44. Hastu says:

    Runes of magic, is a god game but the classes little are balanced

  45. Anders says:

    Sandbox games are the future. It’s very strange that so few developers get’s this fact.

    EVE were only the beginning. In 10 years, we will look back at EVE. knowing this was the game which started the 2nd generation MMO’s. 2nd generation being sandbox games.

    Games like WoW has very limited player interaction compared to the new generation of MMO’s. That’s why EVE beats it.

  46. Klaas says:

    COuld not vote in the Best new MMORPG 2010, all listed games have been a disappointment to me

  47. Sunslayer says:

    I find it funny that some eve players are playing wot to pass time. i know i do

  48. yo says:

    Runes of Magic. One is transformed in an idea: you spend time and money and there are lost everything suddenly because they unbalance your personage and no longer is worth nothing (example magical).

  49. precu says:

    SWG - PRECU option is missing

  50. hook says:

    vote of the decade…hmm let me see:
    wow it’s really a very nice game, wot it’s a very nice one also and have allot of potential, but eve is really on another lvl; it have it’s own problems, mostlly caused by ccp, and problems about bad lag, but to be honest i can’t name any other game outhere that allow 3k of players stay in the same spot, nevermind about fighting,
    so my vote go to eve; yes, it have some problems, and yes, there is allot of space for improvements, but even so, eve have a complexity never ever dreamed by other games;
    also training sistem in eve it’s a bit diferent, you don’t need to stay hours and hours in front of the pc “grinding” stuff to train your char, and that give a chance to allot of ppl that have a busy rl to keep up with the others…

  51. Dan says:

    How can Dark Orbit be on this list when they are been investigated by trading standards for their Lack of customer support and inability to refund players for lost ammo URI etc as a result of the LIVE testing they do each day?

  52. Dragonrider 000 says:

    yes i play eve and play WOT to pass time also lol atleast when it finaly connects to the server >.<

  53. raymond says:

    I play many games in these top lists but i are shocked when i saw eve was close to WoW :S i mean WoW rox all games

  54. Gouwang says:

    EVE-online FTW!! I’ve been playing EVE for almost 4 years now, and I’ve tried a two week trial of the “WOW blob” not too long ago. I can’t really get into wow, maybe if I was 14, wow would be the bees knees. I love my eve, and In my opinion EVE is a free MMORSPG… (S stands for space, kiddies), as you can pay to play via in game currency, or known in EVE as isk. You can buy a plex for roughly 300+mil isk, which is enough for a month of gameplay…. which is more than reasonable to be able to come up with in a month’s time. And, the longer you play the easier it gets. So for the new players, hang in there kiddies. Don’t give up so easily, set you a goal and drive towards it. Have fun in EVE everyone and fly safe. p.s. EVE-online MUST take down WoW in the voting ring.

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