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Pirate Galaxy, a massively multiplayer online game that you can play with nothing more than your web browser, they say, and it actually true, it is a java based game which only requires an active internet connection and a decent browser that supports java.

In Pirate Galaxy you are one of the elite pilots of the human race that fight against Mantis a alien races who conquered the human territories, and now the humans slowly are recapturing the lost territories with our help.

The whole game evolves around a precious crystal name Cryonite which can be used to build ships, equipment and It the currency in the galaxy. The bad thing is that the Mantis wants this source too, so from here we have a conflict with this alien ruthless race.

The control system is something similar to EVE Online or Homeworld, where you use point and click to move your ships, and 1-8 to use the skills, weapons you have installed on your ships. It has a keyboard movement available too, but I never managed to get it how it works, since camera moves a lot when I try to go into a direction.

Mountis Scout for dinner.

Mantis Scout for dinner.

The gameplay system is pretty simple but addictive enough to keep you busy and full with rewards. You move from planet to planet in each solar system to get back the territories from Mantis, by doing missions on each planet. Each mission involves an encounter with The Mantis, with destroy objectives, scouting, destroy logistics, capture blueprints to acquire better equipment, and storyline mission which are based on few steps, and have better rewards. This however can be done in squads too, so if you bring a friend/s you will get more xp, and you can complete the missions faster.

They are few game play modes each with their own role. You start in the orbit of the planet you currently explored,   which acts a like a lobby, here you can join with others in squads, chat, or dock to the nearest star base, to customize your ship, upgrade, buy new ships and equipment. From the orbit you can choose which mission to go to, and land on the planet to complete it. You can land on the planet freely to acquire energy or just hunt Mantis for their drops. The planet maps are not instanced from what I saw, so it nice to see people around blowing stuff, and maybe even help you. It important here to tell you that you should level to rank 4, as quick as possible to get a repair bot to repair yourself in battles, the blueprint you get it from a basic mission, check the description.

I swear i am gona paint this ship, pink, is gona look so manly...

I swear i am gona paint this ship, pink, is gona look so manly...

At rank 5 you get to explore the solar system you start in, for new planets, location to level, and find better blueprints, and of course challenging enemies. At rank 6 you get the Pirate Mode option, which is like a free pvp flag and you can attack other player which are in this Pirate Mode(PVP). The reward from killing a player is 5% more xp, and a chance of collecting blueprints for improvements to your ship. Also on the PVP side, we have the Conquest Mode, where guild scan conquer planets which will generate resources for them.
As in your average mmorpg, you have 4 classes that are actually your ships so you can choose what role to play before a mission by piloting the proper ship.  You have a damage dealer ship class, a tank ship class, a Shock ship class which is used to stun enemies acts like a support class, and the Engineer class which is like your basic healer.  Each ship comes with a blaster, repair, collector, and afterburner slot, the rest depends on the class of ships.

Graphic wise, Pirate Galaxy looks quite good for a browser game, and has settings for even the highest resolutions, window mode or full screen. Sounds are decent enough, the music is very good since is right on the theme, of space, land battles, exploration.

In conclusion fans of free space mmorpgs, I think they will love this, it doesn’t require a download, it all goes through browser, it is fun and challenging, great in small groups, and is complex enough to keep you busy.

Watch our gameplay trailer.

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    This game looks good. I am going to play this game. Thanks for share.

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    lol this is the best 3d browser game

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