Runes of Magic

Explore and discover a magical world full of wonders and ancient riddles. Encounter arcane and dangerous creatures and solve the mystery of a long-perished kingdom. You have access to a dual class system which gives you the freedom to combine your main and secondary class, in order to build your character the way you want conceive it. Learn professions and special skills, to forge mighty armor and weaponry or to enhance them. Accumulate unique in-Game collector’s cards, which provide you with information and data of all creatures you have already encountered. Relax after a hard day of labor in your own house, which you can arrange just the way you want to.

Runes of Magic, 7.8 out of 10 based on 200 ratings
System Requirements
CPU: AMD 2500 + or above, INTEL Pentium 4 - 2.0GHz
memory: 512MB
Cards: 128M memory Nvidia GeForce 5700 or ATI Radeon 9550 graphics card or other equivalents
Hard disk space: 3GB
DirectX: 9.0c
Runes of Magic, 7.8 out of 10 based on 200 ratings
GD Star Rating
Developer: Runewaker
Publisher: Frogster
Genre: Fantasy
Category: Free MMORPGs
Release Date: 2009
Platform: Windows
Price: Free
Monthly Fee: Free
Our Rating:




Runes of Magic - Review
Runes of Magic - Review
Over the years there has been various World of Warcraft “clones” in the AAA subscription based MMO market and most have failed to meet expectations. Yet Runes of Magic, a free to play fantasy MMORPG, ...
Runes of Magic - Interview with Matthias Fellinger
Runes of Magic - Interview with Matthias Fellinger
Recently we had the opportunity to talk about Runes of Magic with Matthias Fellinger, Product Manager. Runes of Magic, 7.8 out of 10 based on 200 ratings ...
Runes of Magic - Preview
Runes of Magic - Preview
In the past few years and especially starting with World of Warcraft we got used to the idea that all MMOs are simply copies of copies of copies and their level of innovation is decided ...

Runes of Magic - 4th Anniversary Trailer
Runes of Magic - 4th Anniversary Trailer
March 19, 2013
Four years has passed since the official Release of Runes of Magic and to celebrate the event, Gameforge released an ...
Runes of Magic - Limo Desert Trailer
Runes of Magic - Limo Desert Trailer
November 30, 2010
Set among oriental buildings, ruins of the antiquity and vitalic oases, gamers will have to be battle-ready for duels against ...
Runes of Magic - Warnorken Castle Trailer
Runes of Magic - Warnorken Castle Trailer
July 2, 2010
Prove your worth in the Baron's arena. Runes of Magic - Warnorken Castle Trailer Runes of Magic, 7.8 out of 10 ...
Runes of Magic - Chapter III Trailer
Runes of Magic - Chapter III Trailer
May 18, 2010
Heroes are born to stand against the forces of darkness. Runes of Magic - Chapter III Trailer Runes of Magic, 7.8 ...
Runes of Magic - Siege Wars Trailer
Runes of Magic - Siege Wars Trailer
March 11, 2010
The time for peace is over! Runes of Magic - Siege Wars Trailer Runes of Magic, 7.8 out of 10 based ...

Runes of Magic - Chapter V Now Live
June 14, 2012
Chapter V - Fires of Shadowforge introduces a new race to the online role-playing game, the Shadowforge Dwarves. Two new classes have also entered the ...
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June 17, 2011
"Lands of Despair" - the latest content update for the hit free to play game Runes of Magic is now live. Level Cap increases, ...
Surprises in the Next Runes of Magic Update
April 21, 2011
Runes of Magic developer Frogster is dropping hints at what their upcoming content update holds for players. Runes of Magic, 7.8 out of 10 based on ...
Frogster not giving in to hacker's demands
February 1, 2011
Frogster COO Dirk Weyel has told that his company will not negotiate with or cede to the demands of the hacker who is attempting ...
Runes of Magic - The Mystery of the Temple Patch
September 17, 2010
The latest patch for Runes of Magic gives players access to new content by opening the doors of the Raksha Temple, a challenging instance as ...

18 Comments to “Runes of Magic”

  1. me says:

    it’s a very good game, just the same as WoW.
    but if you can afford WoW you should play W0W, because it’s a little better i think some details are better. And WoW is also easier to play. you should play it if you like mmorpg’s with western style, if you like asian style more play aion


    • Bucheraerospace says:

      sucks, the sales team will harass you daily if you aren’t spending money on the game. Don’t waste your time on this 

  2. Nyam says:

    RoM is like the most of free game is very noob friendly, but when you rich the final lvl, you’ll notice you need to have the best gear, so it will give you 2 choices: boring grinding for ages with feeling to be out of game or total noob, or to spend realy a lot of real money on game diamons. Game is also full of bugs, glitches & very laggy, tech support is nothing & dont care much, most of the time you’ll like recieve bot answer & nothing else. It pale WoW copy only much smaller & much more expencive if you dont like it to be real boring.
    If you have time to waste & no money to play WoW you can do it, but it not worth efforts i guess. Aion is nothing much too, so in worse case buy Guild Wars at least it realy free after you got it & can be fun for much longer (best choice is Factions)

  3. perrythemage says:

    RoM is a super good game i play it 1 year and i still like it i am a mage my mane perrythemage if you gonna play the game i say 1 thing you will like the game

    GR. perrythemage

  4. Shilvebelle says:

    Runes of Magic is the greatest FREE TO PLAY MMORPG, and I’d like to answer Me post:

    In Runes of Magic you make your gear and you got lots of liberty on how to gear up… but you NEVER need to buy diamonds, even if I do. There’s is a lot of survey etc you can take to receive free Diamons, offers on some MMO websites to gain free gear enhancing tool just by registering to the forum, MANY players buy Diamonds using GameCards and sell them FOR GOLD to players not willing to spend Diamonds. LOTS of players are willing to spend Diamonds to help a guildy in need. The game is VERY challenging and yes… a bug show up from time to time… BUT remember that WoW was release like in 2000 so it’s a VERY old game. And about playing WoW… I’ll never again, I’ve been semi resetted with every expension (especialy BC) and they made it EASY mode now… and it’s polluted by LOTS of immature players and the community isn’t so great. If you aren’t willing to spend sometime grinding, if you don’t like challenge, and like the easy way up… play WoW.

    Shilvebelle Rogue/Warrior
    Shilvebabe Knight/Priest
    Shilveline Druid/Mage

    Proud member of Dragonriders on US server Reni.

  5. Damien says:

    RoM is more or less a World of Warcraft like (rather more than less)…. This comparison in itself actually is the warranty of a great MMORPG ; for being compared to “the best” means you have to be good (at least). On the other hand this also would be its worst default, since “similar” doesn’t mean equal…. However it might not be as beautiful as WoW, it is TOTALLY FREE. Of course as usual in free games you can also use your credit card but don’t have to, and compared to the above leader that is a huge difference. First of all it is very easy to handle even for players non specialized in MMORPGs (even noobs like me). Want more? Runes of Magic will bring to you (if it ain’t done yet). The frequents updates carry there lot of new events for players not to get bored. Moreover, these will help players who don’t want to spend a penny, leveling up at equal, with the ones who prefer the CB way to become powerfull. These updates have also lately brought a new Level Limit, new equipments, new enmies and dungeon… And last but not least the comunity is huge and generally very helpful…. Finally, I’d say however I ain’t got much experience in MMOs this one is the one for anyone who wants to get THE experience of MMORPG in a fantastic medieval world without of spending there rents in it…. I’d give it an 8/10….

  6. Daniel says:

    Good game for wasting time,but if you don’t buy diamonds to enhance you items you are pretty much fucked
    A player using Purified Fusion Stones from Item Shop can have 3-4X the stats of a normal players…and some of the surveys with so called FREE TRIALS contain hidden fees,like USENET ones..where u stil have to pay some $$$ for that “FREE” trials to “VERIFY” you account

  7. Oneman says:

    Hmmm, can’t say i’m experienced in any MMO’s, cos this is my first one (RoM). In all, i’m playing RoM for 2 years now ….not that i haven’t spend any real money on the game…i have, but i’m too impatiant, rather than waiting to gather enough gold in order to buy ready equipment in the Auction-House, i spend the real cash.
    BUT NOBODY NEEDS TO SPEND HIS OR HER HARD EARNED CASH, just a small amount of cleverness and a good amount of patiants, will get u there just as well.

    MOST players are VERY friendly AND helpfull….just like myself :) .
    There is a large amount of possibilities in how to play the game, without it being stressfull. AND YES, support does take it’s time now and again, but THEY HAVE ALWAYS helped to my complete satisfaction…and i had my fair share of problems in these 2 years, like most of us.

    Last but not least…..never forget, that this is a business after all, hundreds of programmers, designers - the people on support etc. etc. ….. know what ?! ….. they like to take home a wage at the end of the month …. just like you do :)

    have a very nice xmass every1 !!!!!!!!

  8. maximus says:

    runes of magic doesn’t deserve to be here.. it was a good game and still is on the gameplay, communitiy is verry good also, but then it goes wrong. there are loads of bugs in the system, support sucks even to create a new account it takes days before they let you activate it. pretty normal because i think they got alot of comment about the game. they constantly say they are busy with security and against goldsellers, but still this game is full with goldsellers and if you do have problems with a hacker don’t think they’ll respond, they just leave it like that. in fact they hack you’r account by blocking it without reason, leaves you with no account, nowhere to go because the support doesn’t respond and you can’t create a new one because they don’t even let you activate your account..

    if you want something good to play and you don’t mind losing you’r account, changing your pass every 2 weeks and no support, then this is the game for you!

  9. Oneman says:

    @maximus and all others who’s opinion is like his…
    ….. i am playing exacly 2 years now, at the beginning (Beta-phase) there were NO goldsellers, constantly they increased, just like in ANY other game, that seems to be worth selling their illegal stuff.
    During the last 6 - 8 month, the vast majority of them have disappeared. The owners of banned accounts (mostly due to buying the illegal gold etc.) are the once keeping on whining like little kids, that they got their account closed by frogster…..well, if u hope u don’t get caught…think again !!!!!!!

    I also believe, that most (not all) players aren’t patient; let alone friendly enough when they contact support.
    That in turn would make me personally, to put them at the VERY END of the cue for dealing with their requests.

    Why could it take longer to open a new account ???? Best to use ur small brain-left-overs Mr. maximus !!
    Goldseller open accounts, in order to make money, so OBVIOUSLY there has to be sufficient control, to check whether it’s a real player or one of the gold sellers

    As to the account security….if u create a password, combining letters AND numbers, is usually safe enough.
    BUT NOT “darling123″ or “iamahero1″ etc. the hackers are VERY CREATIVE, and u get programs on the net, that have 1000′s of pre-set passwords just like those mentioned. So it’s just a matter of letting the program run and waiting to find the players,who’s passwords was too simple
    SO BE CREATIVE IN UR PASSWORD CHOICE and DON’T use ure character name as ur username, that way only the password has to be hacked.

    Apart from that, bugs are part of ANY game, not just online games…welcome to planet earth !!
    It just show’s…to think, before complaining,cos the answer quite OFTEN hides inside ur question.


    cy on the dark side ‘o’ the moon !!

  10. Davonas says:

    All i can say that…this game is very awesome… i play this game for some time now :D lets say a month now and i really loved it :D … i don’t know what else to say but…. I look forward to play this game in the times to come…. :D

  11. Xoliax says:

    Im totaly new to this game tryed out many free MMORPG and i played wow for 1 year i totaly dont under stand why they call it a wow clone the UI and the gathering skills are the only thinks that is similar and the Bots ?
    i was in a few zones and the Main city and saw like 2 only 2 not like in the other F2P mmo where you go in a place and the bots taking over the world whit there spams realy friendly players i mostly get help Always when i need and these Stuff like planting House Guild Castle Pet management gives a realy good feeling to the game.
    And to all those people who say its a Pay2Win Game im sure they not gott there char past lvl 10 they NOT selling OP gear stuff for Money and to the comment that say that the Purified Fusion Stones is OP i tell you something you can gett it whit Daily tokens whitout money and its cheap. You can gett anything you want whitout spending real money just take longer.

  12. Xoliax says:

    but maybe the US version is worse

    playing on EU


  13. Xoliax says:

    Oh and im started to play this game and i starting to like it more then WoW

  14. Pmd says:

    I played WoW for 3 years and stopped play about a few months before LK came out. I just recently start playing RoM. There are little differences here and there between the two MMO however there are really cool features RoM have that that WoW lack. Love the dual class system to better customize your character. Love how you can spend TP to immediately upgrade each skill as you level instead of waiting for 5 or more lvls as in WoW.

    As for spending real money… hey, I did play WoW for three years… lets see how much that cost… paid 30 for the original game, 40 for BC expansion, and 36 months at 15 a month. Thats $610 hard earn dollars not including spend here and there on 3rd part gold services.

    I didnt stop play WoW because of the money even though in hind sight it seems foolish spending that much on a game. I stopped play because endgame is boring as hell if you are not big into guilds. I cant stand spending hours trying to put together a raid or spend months in PvP arena to get enough points for decent gear. I spend most of my days in SW jumping back and forth talking to ppl.

    Although I have not reached endgame in RoM, this game has promisses. It does suck that you have to buy diamonds for house hold items to increase you bonuses but hey, its still alot cheaper than WoW by far. The free diamonds offer and surveys are full of bugs. For the most part, If you dont mind filling out same ole infomation sheets over and over again but most of the time, dont even get credit for your efforts becuase of a buggy survey system, then you can get little amount of diamonds. So far, only about 10% of the surverys I tried yield diamonds. spent an hour for all of 30 diamonds. Save youself the hassle and spend 5 bucks for 200 diamonds.

    Over all, try RoM. Its awesome!

  15. john says:

    i think RUNES Of MAGIC is the true best free mmorpg, and i’ve played from LOTRO to Runescape.we know LOTRO and D&Dunlimited, are f2p, but since u must buy content/expansion , these 2 are more like trials then f2p games. Runes of magic now has 2 years (or more, sry but i know about it since 2 year now, it may be older) of patching the game and makeing it even better. sure in pvp u may feel weak since u can buy stuff from cash shop that gives u big advantage , but it a problem in many mmorpgs, like allods, etc.

  16. abandonROM says:

     Well Runes of magic is…laggy…buggy…and support is non existant compared to WoW…its “free” but you need real $ to farm some decent instance, so forget it.
    And most servers are dead or ruined by botters/goldsellers since support is zzzZZZzzz …zzzZZZzzz…

  17. Rita says:

    sucks, the sales team will harass you daily if you aren’t spending money on the game. Don’t waste your time on this 

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