The Repopulation

In The Repopulation, mankind is on the verge of extinction as second generation clone colonists fight a bloody civil war. The title utilizes a sandbox design to give Nations (giant mega guilds) the ability to control areas of the world and build their own cities and besiege/destroy those of their enemies. Players can engage in traditional MMO style combat or engage in the real-time, free-aim mode using the mouse to target enemies and the keyboard to maneuver and take cover.

Main Features:
  • Hybrid approach which blends Sandbox and Theme Park mechanics.
  • Unique three Faction PvP (Player vs. Player) system which allows players to join one of the two major Nations (OWON or FPR), or form their own independent Rogue Nation. Rogue Nations are similar to Guilds in other games, except they also act as their own independent faction in PvP.
  • City building system allows Nations to form their own cities complete with Walls, Turrets, Harveters, Workshops, Houses, and other forms of structures geared towards benefiting the owning character, or the City as a whole. Cities can even be besieged by opposing Nations.
  • Skills based gameplay featuring over 100 skills, and 15 tiers of advancement within each skill. This includes Combat, Social, Rogue, Crafting, Medical and General skills trees.
  • Easily toggle between one of our two combat modes. Tired of 1,2,3,4 key mashing combat? Try our Action Mode combat which allows you to aim and shoot your way to victory. Or stick to RPG Mode combat, with a traditional MMORPG feel.
  • Tired of farming the same Group or Raid bosses using the same old strategies? The Repopulation features a generated ability system for our boss mobs. This system allows bosses to a select number of abilities appropriate to their difficulty tier and species. This forces groups or raids to adjust their tactics on the fly.
  • Have an affect on the world. NPCs will spread word of your deeds to other players, or curse your name if you have treated them wrongly. Respond quickly to threats in an area and you can prevent them from becoming larger scale problems. Fail to do so and an area could fall under enemy hands.
The Repopulation, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
System Requirements
not available at the moment.
Developer: Above and Beyond Technologies
Publisher: Above and Beyond Technologies
Genre: Sci-Fi Sandbox/Themepark Hybrid
Category: MMORPG Games
Release Date: 2013
Platform: Windows
Price: n/a
Monthly Fee: n/a


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