Top 5 Upcoming MMORPG Games 2012

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This might the year we all been waiting for since 2008. A year full of promising mmorpgs ready to capture our attention, a year with less WoW clones, well, if we ignore SWTOR… So lets get it started, here is our Top 5 Upcoming mmorpg games for 2012:


5. Developed by ex-Blizzard developers, Carbine Studios, Wildstar can turn into a surprise we didn’t expect, since they ’ve been working on this for about 3 years. Ignoring the casual art direction, the developers promise an epic adventure, where players explore and claim a mysterious planet as Explorers, Soldiers, Scientists and Settlers.


4. In the land of elves and cliché sci-fi heroes, some took a more interesting approach, by developing a horror mmorpg set in the modern day real world where every conspiracy theory, myth and urban legend is true. Funcom promises a freeform gameplay with no classes or levels, secret societies to join and fight for, fantastic weapons and powers to use.


3. One of the biggest problems with the current mmorpgs is the combat, tab based combat where there is little to no action or movement skill involved, just press 1, drink a beer, then 2 and 3, eat nachos, oh now the ultimate, Alt+1,4,5. TERA aims to change that with an action packed combat, as most skills have to be aimed and can be dodged. But that’s not all. Along with this comes an intriguing Political System where players are able to run for election and run provinces or even a whole continent, granting them prestige, glory and, of course, power.


2. Developed by former developers of Lineage, ArcheAge aims to be a mix of sandbox and theme park mmorpg. Featuring territory control, sea battles, player towns, world building and many other sandbox features, this game can be the next gen game they promise to be, beside the combat which seems your average theme park 1,2,3.


1. Crafted by the talented people from ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 promises to be a step further in the mmorpg genre. Featuring a free subscription model, the game will have dynamic events similar to public quests from Warhammer Online, rich story with personal trees along with a visceral and dynamic combat.

Other mmorpgs worth mentioning:

warhammer 40k dark millennium online

A mmorpg that many fans of the Warhammer 40k universe are waiting for, but due financial problems at THQ the future is uncertain for this game.
End of Nations MMORTS

MMORTS games don't get much love from developers these days, but Trion is planning to fix that. In End of Nations you will fight in massive battles for global control of a massive and persistent world. As your skills and experience grow, you earn and unlock units and abilities, to build and customize your army.
Planet Side 2 - MMOFPS

PlanetSide 2 and Tribes Ascend - The next gen MMOFPS are here! Two old IPs but good ones, each with their unique gameplay are preparing to invade our PCs.

Planet Side 2 promises to take all good things from the first tile, improve them and add more. Featuring massive battles for the control of key resources, along with extensive skill tree and free form class based system, with air and ground combat, Planet Side 2 aims to be a real MMOFPS, not just a glorified multiplayer with 20v20 combat in a small instanced map. Unfortunately, it will be managed by Sony Online.
Tribes Ascend MMOFPS

Tribes Ascend focuses on bringing back the old Tribes gameplay, an athletic FPS Combat combined with teamwork and strategy. Is not really a mmo, more of an online multi-player shooter, a modern successor to Tribes 2. Get your jetpacks and vehicles ready, it's coming this year, now in Beta.
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