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Video Review
Since its release in April, World of Tanks has become a popular Free MMORPG among action mmo fans. Produced by Strategy game developers, the game gives players the opportunity to take part in massive tank battles using tanks from the world war 2 era.
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World of Tanks - MMORPG Center's Video Review, 9.2 out of 10 based on 37 ratings
World of Tanks - MMORPG Center's Video Review

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7 Comments to “World of Tanks - MMORPG Center's Video Review”

  1. Moon Phoenix says:

    Did the player use game pad or a keyboard to steer the tank’s turret?? If there is a way to play with gamepad.. let me know :)

  2. m938nek says:

    I wondered if i heard right… 6 maps?!? Forgive me, but i think i count well if i say it’s more than that.
    Sandy river
    Prairies (Steppes?)
    El Halluf
    Mountain pass
    Siegfired line

    and more coming…. that’s at least 18 maps :D

  3. 603 says:

    U are saying alot of things that are just plaing wrong. First there is 5 classes: Tank Destroyers, Heavy, Medium, Light and SPG (Artllry). There is 21 maps not 6. you can NOT by tanks in the tech trees with money, That is only premmium tanks like the Löwe and T2 Light Tank, with are worse then the same tier norm tank that is fully upgraded. Clan mebership dos not give u anything other then a group tp play with and play clanwars with, and ofc u can get gold from the clan to help u. U do not get acssses to better tanks when u are in a clan. A free account can get ALL tanks ingame(those in the Tech tree), and now a free account can make a 2 man platoon. A prem account gives u 50% more creds and xp afther each battle, u can make 3 man platoons and companys of 15 players. and that is it. Premmium anmmo and consumebels and so ekspensive that u need a big wallet to use it is normal bettles. Prem ammo gives u more penetration so u can better pen tanks but it is almost only used in clan wars and turnys, becoz there there the gold is provided by the clan.

    603, Member of the Brute Squard.

    ps. I do not have eng as my native launge so, syr for the spelling and gramme errors. and i have played this game for over 1 year.

  4. They are around 20 maps. It was a mistake in our transcript which we will correct soon.


  5. Christoph says:

    You forgot to mention the huge amount of problems the game still has, that the devs have refused to fix since teh game was in closed beta. The matchmaking system is an abomination designed to force the players into spending money by making the experience so miserable, players pay to skip past it faster. Also, the spotting system that allows you to see other tanks on the field is, and has been riddled with bugs for over a year. Also, the economics system penalizes players for reaching high levels, or tiers, by forcing them to play those high level tanks at a loss. The only solution for that is to 1) purchase a premium account, 2) purchase a high tier premium tank that makes more credits than anything else on the field, or 3) play your lower tier tanks in order to make credits. Wargaming had said that was their original intention, so to force people to play a wider variety of tanks, however their institution of tier 8 premium tanks shows that their principles are secondary to their desire to make money.

    It’d be a great game if they ever decided to fix those things, instead of continually doling out the “Working as intended” speech. As it is now, the North American server is bleeding players, if the online counter is any indication. Not to mention, if you go on their forums, almost every post is some sort of complaint.

    For a real review, I’d say play tiers 1 and 2, and stay the hell away from the rest of the tiers until Wargaming recognizes they have some fixing to do. And, for god’s sake, don’t spend any money on this game as it is. The reason they won’t fix anything is because people keep spending their money on the game in its current form, and the only way they’ll ever listen is if people talk with their wallets.

  6. Troy says:

    What Christoph is saying is flat wrong. Absolutely nothing forces you to spend money to compete and gives you no advantage over other players. The prem tanks tend to just have slightly better armor and gun damage than other tanks in its tier, but they are still easy killed by equal or higher tanks, arty and Tank Destroyers. Buying prem tanks also lets you skip lower tiers but then you will find since you didn’t get the practice that your not going to be very good against people who fought their way up. Most real money is used to make grinds go faster by allowing you to get a premium account so you make credits. How much credits you make - I really don’t care because it has no baring on other players. The idea of the Dev’s forcing you to spend money makes me laugh - what kind of idiot would play a free game, think it is rigged then spend money on it!!!

    Now listen this is KEY - The matchmaking system is fine!!! It is designed to match two teams up NOT to match one tank up to every other one on the opposite team! People only complain because they might not be able to kill every other tank on the field - well that is why its a TEAM GAME and there are many ways to make credits and help your team win without killing the other tanks. Unfortunately you get a bunch of whiners don’t care about winning the game or helping their team they just want to kill, kill, kill. If you haven’t noticed I just went the long way around to say it’s “working as intended”. Just because YOU don’t agree with what they intended doesn’t mean its needs fixing, it just means you need quit stomping around in a huff, put some pants on and go design your own tank game and put them out of business.

    Oh, I just realized that maybe you didn’t know this ….. IT”S A BUSINESS!!! And people spending money IS what you listen to because that means what your doing is a success and you don’t go changing things that are already a success. I have been on since the opening of the US servers and there have been no noticeable drop in players. Their have been spikes when new tanks and maps are released but the number otherwise has stayed pretty constant ( or at least the number that is on at any given time ).

    Looking forward to World of Warplanes (getting close) and World of Warships (just announced today) so I hope they continue not to change their carefully thought out game in order to please the 1or 2% of moron and baby players that would never agree on a fix if it was actually broken.

    • PZebulba says:

      No…what u say is wrong ! Prem tanks are better (fx compare Löve with TigerII(fully upgraded ofc)) there ull find a significant difference in damage of the guns (just to mention one thing) And Christoph is right when he say’s that when reaching tier VIII it’s beginning to cost u more then u earn ! Got my TigerII…rapair is about 12-13k, granades 1030 apice so thats about 10-15k more and have u used any repair, medic kit or fireex then it’s 3k more ! So in total that’s about 22k (low) 31k (high) and at an avarage fight ull make about 20-30k…..well u do the math. Only time i make any money is when im not destroyed….but you cant win ‘em all !!! With fx a Löve ull easy make double that money, and you dont even have to as good as in the Tiger to make that kind of money !!! One thing you are right about though…’s buisness, so yeah sure they want u to pay primium (i know i would, if i was the developer of the game) And as he say’s if you cant earn money, then ull have to go to a lower tier…right again…small money but surely they come. At the lower tier, repair and ammo cost alot less (ofc) but no matter how shitty you do in a game, you still make money…unlike tier VIII+. And the spotting system….NO it doesnt work fine…there are bug’s, no discussion about that. One thing i DO agree on, is that matchmaking system is working ok…and do u feel in one match that the opposite team is better tank wise…..then i bet the enemy may think the same in some other fight against you.

      Happy hunting.

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