World of Warplanes - Review

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World of Warplanes is a game that has been in development for a couple of years now. The game as we talk is scheduled for an official release on November 12th 2013. For a while now though gamers have been able to have some fun with the open beta. So let's have a look at how things are shaping up coming into the games release. World Of Warplanes is sure to be a huge hit as it is brought to us by the same guys responsible for the awesome World Of Tanks.

One very interesting thing about the development of World Of Warplanes is just how secretive were over the game in the beginning. Gamers who got in the doors early for the beta testing were told not to talk about the game. And those that did ended up with their World Of Tanks accounts banned as well as being kicked out of the beta. There was even talk of some of these players facing legal action!

World of Warplanes - Review

So What Is The Game All About?

Well much like World Of Tanks you are put onto a team and you need to take all of your opponents down. And shoot some things on the ground as well! As I am sure you have guessed this game though is set in the skies and not on the ground. It has a World War II setting so you will get the chance to pilot some really cool and authentic looking World War II era planes.

Many gamers find online flight games quite hard to get into and they are one of those genres of games that you either like or do not like, but it does certainly seem like Wargaming .net have gone into this game to try and cater for the hardcore flight fan and the novice as well.

Are Your Sure This Is Still In Beta?

By this I am talking about the games graphics. Blown away is a term that is way over used when it comes to describing video games these days, but there really is no better way to say how good this game looks. Everything in the game is just so crisp and polished that it really is a joy to look at. The actual warplanes themselves of which there is a great selection have a (to borrow a THQ term from the 90's) photo realistic look to them. This is a game that will no doubt attract a great deal of interest from people who are interested in World War II era planes as they look so authentic.

As well as the warplanes the levels, maps, areas or whatever you like to call them look great. Do not be surprised while if while you are in the heat of battle you take your eyes of the action for a moment to admire the beautiful scenery only to end up with a guy shooting you down. It really does look like these maps go on forever as you can literally look for miles in the far distance.

So far this is shaping up to be one of the best looking warplane games that has ever been released. It will be very interesting to see if the guys at add even more spit and polish to the games visuals before it is released.

Take To The Skies!!!!!

Now if I can get personal here a moment let me just say that I personally am not to great at air combat style games, but World Of Warplanes really does do a good job of holding your hand when you first play the game. Sure you can just jump straight into the PVP battles which is what no doubt many people will do, but for those of us who are not as skilled at these types of games there is a really cool tutorial that lets you take on AI controlled warplanes to let you get the hang of the controls. And unlike many MMO games where the tutorial really does not prepare you for a real battle. The one here actually does a very good job in teaching you the basics to hold your own when you first play.

The hangar is where you will start your game. This is a cool area that has the warplanes you can fly in. There is a great variety of warplanes to chose from but at first you will have to stick with first tier warplanes. But you get up to the third tier really quickly so before you know it you will be in much cooler looking and more powerful crafts. As of writing this preview tier ten is the highest that is available. It has not been said if this is as high as it will be in the finished game. As well as selecting your warplane your hangar will also allow you to customize it by changing various things and making it really feel like it is your own personal warplane. There are three different classes when it comes to the various crafts and each one has their own good and bad points. Ultimately it will probably depend if you want a warplane that has serious fire power or one that is quick and nimble.

There is a really cool and in depth upgrade system that may sound complicated, but it actually is not. Each warplane has various things that can be upgraded. These are things like more powerful weapons or a faster engine. There is an upgrade tree that depending on what kind of upgrades you purchase will branch out to unlock new warplanes. It's really cool and it does sometimes make you think more strategically about buying upgrades. As you may want to buy one particular upgrade, but if you do then the tree will not branch in the direction to get that warplane you want.

As for the actual game play let's just say that it is really fun, but it does need just a tiny bit of tweaking before it is released. The game is controlled mainly by your mouse which alters the direction you are flying in. It sometimes can feel a little laggy, but it is not game breaking or anything like that. And it is something that is surely to be fixed. One cool thing is that the game has a great targeting system. In most flight games you want to be shooting at where the enemy warplane is going to be rather than where it actual is. Well in World Of Warplanes there is a really cool crosshair that will let you know where to shoot just in front of the enemy warplane. As of writing the game is pretty fun and there is not really any bugs that need to be addressed. It is just the lag which can get annoying, but at the end of the day it's not game breaking or anything like that. And this is sure to be fixed when the game officially is released.

World of Warplanes - Review

The battles are pretty fast paced and if your warplane is shot down rather than having to sit and wait for the battle to finish you are taken back to your hangar and you can jump in another warplane and take part in a new battle. But the twist is you cannot use that warplane you just got blown up until that battle you just got eliminated from is over. This is a really cool thing in the game and it does save you sitting their waiting for the other players to finish. Instead you can just jump right into a new battle.

Now this is an open beta so its really harsh to criticize the matchmaking, but as of right now it sort of just throws everyone together. Even if you are a tier one chances are you will be battling players with warplanes that are sometimes five tiers higher than yours. This no doubt will be fixed for the full release, but if it is not it is something that is sure to get on the nerves of many players. Especially those still trying to learn the game. have done the right thing as far as MMO gaming goes and are trying to eliminate the pay to win type of items that many games have. This is great news for World Of Warplanes as it really does mean everyone will be going into this game on the same level playing field. The beta does not have a fully operating in game store, but it is safe to assume it will be very similar to what World Of Tanks offered.

In all this is shaping up to be a really fun game. Making a warplane style game be not only a game that requires skill ,but also have lots of arcade style action is really tough. But I think they are certainly on the right track to making that happen. If you liked World Of Tanks then checking this out when it is released is something you would certainly want to do.

Rating: 8.5

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World of Warplanes - Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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