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Xsyon is an indie sandbox MMO set in the future in an apocalyptic world. After a big war ravaged the world, all those things we’ve been taking for granted like vehicles, shops and infrastructure are all gone now. The survivors now fight for survival in another reality opened by the horrors of the big war.

As a new inhabitant in this world, you start with a few tools in an empty village. From here it all depends on your skills to survive. You might want to join a tribe or make one for yourself to protect your land and belongings.


The game features an old school stats and skill system, where everything you do raises your skills. Along with these come a crafting/recipe system with which you create tools, forage, log, craft weapons and even build buildings.

TIP: Open Resource Window and place it somewhere accessible for you since this is the main gathering action window. When you walk around, an action will be displayed there like gathering sand, foraging etc.

To survive in this world you have to be careful with your main stats bar which displays your hunger, thirst, encumbrance, health and so on. It goes that far that you have to eat, drink just like in real life from time to time or you will have problem running, harvesting, fighting, etc. The main activities in the game are gathering, exploring and crafting where PvP is less important unless you are a raider or joined an aggressive tribe.

The environment boasts that feeling of unknown and encourages you to explore, but it looks like a medieval fantasy setting due to the idea of travel to an alternative reality which makes no sense. They probably wanted to move away from the Fallout setting. Fallen Earth didn't and it went well in the long run. At the same time you have to adapt to it and set up a base near water, food and resources which you need to survive, because it take a lot of time to carry them, so the more people you have with you the better.


Overall, Xsyon feels like a combination of Minecraft and old school mmorpg games, but it suffers from multiple problems. The graphics are very rough and so are the animations. There is no basic tutorial to guide you, and no, i don't mean something like in WoW, just something basic to teach you how to survive. The concept is solid but, considering the execution lacks polish and accessibility along with a very steep price of 39$ plus a 15$ subscription, i can hardly recommend this to anyone but hardcore/experienced sandbox MMO players.

Edit: The game now costs 29.99$ and has a subscription price of 9.99$. Players can also play with a free account with some heavy limitations, but it seems it has no time limit, so it's great for a trial/preview.

Rating: 6.0

Thane Solus

Xsyon - Review, 9.1 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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  1. Gran7moneymaker says:

    i will try and get and play after all it looks awesome

  2. Pansen001 says:

    As of now, this game does not offer a free trial. The actual price for the game alone was something like 39,99 € (one month free).
    With an indie niche project like this and such a silly entry barrier this one is doomed imo. Who is shelling out 40 bucks just to check a low budget title out? (promising game mechanics or not…)

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