MMORPG Center brings under the same roof a few enthusiastic MMORPG players possessing a high experience with the genre. Our MMORPG experience started with Asheron’s Call. We then moved on to Anarchy Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Lineage II, Word of Warcraft and many, many others. In our work at MMORPG Center we are driven forward by the need of an objective approach when it comes to analyzing and bringing to the surface the good and bad of our favorite type of game.

Our goal is to offer you a great MMORPG portal that contains the articles, guides and videos and also as much details as we can get on decent MMORPGs, thus providing you with all information you need in order to make the the right calls when confronted with a choice regarding MMORPGs. Information is power and we are happy and passionate about sharing it with you.

We're not going to lie to you: we are trying to make some money out of this and money will always be an issue since some are needed to sustain and upgrade this portal, but they will never be our first priority. Your need of information is. You are our priority, you the player, you the MMORPG enthusiast, our reader, our supporter, our friend.

Sincerly yours,
MMORPG Center Staff

Our Staff:

George Neguceanu (Thane Solus)

Site Founder/Owner
Email: contact(at)mmorpg-center.com
Activity: Games Enthusiast, Game Developer, Web Designer
Favorite MMORPG: EVE Online, Asheron's Call
Favorite Free MMORPG: World of Tanks

Alan Cruse (Zac Dai)

Activity: Gamer and a considerate lover
Favorite MMORPG: EVE online
Favorite Free MMORPG: Mythos

Alexandru Dinu (Xander)

Contributing Editor
Activity: Gamer, Game Developer
Favorite MMORPG: EVE online
Favorite Free MMORPG: League of Legends

Alexandru Petrovici (Seth Lex)

Contributing Editor
Activity: Games Enthusiast (A peculiar animal known to have a wide range of manifestations depending on mood and planet alignment, but most commonly identified as Editor or Creative Director)
Favorite MMORPG: Warhammer Online
Favorite Free MMORPG: no such thing

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