Gods & Heroes Facing Population Trouble

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Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising has been out for a few weeks now (we are working on a review as we speak!)  Normally a new release gets a pretty solid launch population and slowly dwindles down to a steady level.  Unfortunately for Heatwave Interactive it looks like the petals have fallen off the rose a little early - with no release population bump to be found.  Anthony Castoro, the CEO of Heatwave Interactive, took to the G&H forums to discuss this issue, and what we may look forward to in the near future for Gods & Heroes.

First and foremost, the game needs more players! From our perspective, we have a solid game that lots of people seem to enjoy and look forward to, but we have an awareness issue and our pricing model doesn't seem to be tantalizing enough. In addition, we have lots of things we need to improve and add to the game, which we are ferverently working on. So let me address the population issue first.

As I have noted from way back in closed Beta, the economics of our game are different than those of most MMOs. We don't need 500k users to be successful. However, our current growth rate isn't good enough. The game deserves more people enjoying it and the three servers we have online aren't even sweating. I'm sure some of you are concerned about what that means for the future of the game, and so I'd like to assuage your concern. Heatwave and team are 100% committed to G&H. We believe in it and as you'll see in the list below, we are investing heavily in it and we will continue to do so.

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Without letting too much go about how I feel about the game - most of which I will save for a review - I think since this is the only title focusing on Ancient Rome it would be a shame to see it not even get off the ground.  There is a wealth of lore and story opportunity here that will hopefully get a chance to really shine.  For the list of immediate concerns for the game, and what the team is working on right now, check out Anthony's post here.

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