Atlantica Online - Item Giveaway

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Atlantica Online - Level Up Item Giveaway
MMORPG Center has teamed up with nDoors to give you 1000 level up items for Atlantica Online.

Atlantica Online is a client-based, free-to-play, MMORPG which combines turn-based strategic combat with classic MMORPG virtues such as an open world, an elaborate crafting and economy system as well as intense PvP fights.

Each package contains:

1. [Heavenly Horse(7days)] Type: Mount Only usable by main character. Vitality: +50 Defense: 1000 Movement Speed: +15% Duration: 7 day(s)

2. Blessing License(7 Days/No Trade)] Type: License Duration: 7 day(s) Cannot be used in battle Cannot be traded normally Cannot be sold at auction

The Giveaway is now over.

1. Create and Login to your account at this page: Here
2. Once logged-in, click ‘Manage Account.’
3. Click ‘Redeem Promotional Code.’ Here
4. Enter your code when prompted.
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