Southpeak to Distribute Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

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I've learned a little bit recently about game distribution.  In particular I have been trying to figure out why developers make the deals they do - and forge the partnerships they do - and in some cases get into bed with companies that don't seem to fit.  I have learned that distribution is a lot about volume and product placement.  Most developers can't distribute their own games because they need to have developed a track record of high volume sales at the major retail stores before they can get in the door at the Best Buy's of the world.  Since shelf space is limited, only titles backed by big publishers and distributors can provide the security that a retailer needs to give up room on its walls.  As an example, that is why you see 38 Studio's teaming up with EA to get Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and "Copernicus" out to the masses - EA has the clout - the "cred" if you will, that 38 Studio's needs to sell the game.

I say all this to preface that Heatwave has firmed up a deal with Southpeak to have the publisher distribute Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising in the UK and North America.  Southpeak may not be EA, but the publisher has a lot of high profile titles in its stable, including Two Worlds II and the upcoming medieval Sim/Strategy title Stronghold 3.  These are both games that have gotten/will get prime real estate on the shelves of retailers - and now Gods & Heroes should too.

Melanie Mroz, CEO SouthPeak Games is obviously very happy to have G&H on board:

“The team at Heatwave Interactive is creating a truly fantastic massively multiplayer title that we’re sure will have excellent broad appeal, from dedicated MMO players looking for something new, to those interested in a rich story inspired by ancient mythology. It joins Stronghold 3 in our compelling line-up for PC gamers this year.”

Along with the deal, comes information on some great bonus opportunities for those purchasing a retail copy of the title:

Warriors who buy the retail version of Gods & Heroes get a host of extras, including an exclusive minion to accompany them into battle and the Armaments of the Gods, a special weapon pack that features mighty blades, axes and magic staffs that aren’t available anywhere else. Alongside these exciting bonuses, players also receive two buddy keys to give to friends, so they can join the fight.

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising will ship in North America on June 21st and on June 24th in the UK.  For more information on the game, visit

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