Top 10 Free MMORPG Games

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While there are many mmorpg games out here, not all gamers have money to explore the subscription based mmorpgs, so they choose to play free mmorpgs. These free to play games are not exactly fully free since they have micro transactions shops that can offer gamers an advantage sometimes if they buy special items from there, but it’s not mandatory and in some it’s not necessary at all if you know what you’re doing. Developers must get money someway in order to maintain the servers and the game, so that’s why we have these shops. Of course some developers keep only vanity/aesthetic items for sale, while other don't care about balance at all, and they sell the most ridiculous items that provide an unfair advantage over the other players. In the end it depends on how much fun you have within a game, and ignore the balance issues if they don't bother you.

Each month we create a list with the most popular free mmorpgs available on the market and create a top 10 for you to read and find new and fun games to play.

Have fun!

Top 10 Free MMORPG Games - July 2014

* based on the popularity of the games listed on this site.

Dungeons and Dragons Online Unlimited
Dungeons & Dragons Online Unlimited or DDO for short is a free mmorpg game based on the tabletop RPG that started it all. Create a unique hero and battle iconic D&D monsters with one of the best ...

Star Trek Online
In Star Trek Online, the Star Trek universe will appear for the first time on a truly massive scale. In this free mmo from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertaiment, players can pioneer their own destiny as Captain of a ...

World of Tanks
World of Tanks is a team based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. Throw yourself into the epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys all over the world. Your arsenal includes more than 150 armored ...

League of Angels
League of Angels is 2014's best free to play browser MMORPG. The game combines the fast paced turn-based combat, with beautiful hand drawn art. League of Angels features a number of unique PVE and PVP modes: Single Player Dungeons Rouge-like Mode Multiplayer Dungeons Arena Battles Cross Server Battles Aside ...

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a free-to-play multiplayer action game where players attempt to create impregnable castles to protect their treasure hoard while simultaneously attempting to ransack other players’ castles. Top 10 Free MMORPG Games, 6.0 out of 10 based on 349 ratings ...

Travel to the classic city of Neverwinter and discover its secrets and treasures. Explore classic locations and player made adventures with an action combat system. Based on Dungeons & Dragons locations and character abilities Neverwinter is a free action MMO ...

Lord of the Rings Online
The Lord of the Rings Online is a free mmorpg game that immerses players in the legendary fantasy world of J.R.R Tolkien. Forge a legend all your own in the epic story of the War of the Ring. From the picturesque surroundings of ...

Entropia: Planet Calypso
Explore a savage planet where hunting monsters can net you real money or make you lose some. A game powered by a real cash economy system and a classic skill based system. Entropia is a free mmorpg with a ...

Drakensang Online
Hack and Slash monsters for epic loot, engage in open world or lobby PvP, explore over 40 locations and acquire new passive and active skills/abilities. Drakensang Online is a free 3D action mmorpg that you can play right in ...

TERA Rising
Discover a true action mmorpg where combat is more than point and click. In TERA Rising position, timing and aim determines the success in combat. TERA Rising is an action based Free MMORPG that changed the rules of MMO combat, ...

  • jbone1337

    i used to play Fiesta Online(1/10*),
    but that game is terrible lol….

    Its completely dependent on the cash shop to do any means of pvp, and also getting to a decent lv in the game. So if you want to be a higher lv or be able to even pvp anyone you must spend $100s. They purposely make it very hard to play if you dont buy their stuff.

    there is only 4 classes, but the fighter class seems to be way overpowered compared to the rest. its completely unbalanced. The main updates to the game usually are just adding more cash items/adding new things that require you to buy them. And enhancing equipment is ridiculous and very expensive (and keeps getting worse, the highest you can get is +9, i spent over $40 on cash shop items and only got +8… wtf)

    the support is almost non-existent. and it seems people who spend alot of money can break the rules/harass others with no consequence.

    The games graphics are nothing special. It a cartoon type style with the look of a game from 10 years ago… The music/sound effects are also very dull. The game doesnt need partying very much. Not really any new/fun things added into it.

    The only half decent thing in this game is the Kingdom quests, which are like things that happen almost every hour, and has different lv requirements, where you and like 14 others do an instance type of thing, which is somewhat fun, but is ruined by all the people who are stupid…

    This game had the potential to be a good game, but it was ruined by the outspark(O$) company. I swear they have to be like relatives of M$(microsoft).

    • HellsVoid

       this is completely false i know dozens of players who are at max level and/or kick ass in PVP who haven’t spent a single dime on the game.

      • Lucas Rangel

        I am one of those, I reached he level cap and I did’nt spent nothing, It’s a little bit boring ,because of the atualizations that only add things on the Outspark Shop($$ Store)but It’s a very good game every single free player know that to make a lot of money you need to make loads and loads of repeteable quests, and I enjoyed this game so much, but after a time I got bored and after reaching the level cap I went out of the game but I’ts only my opinion you know…. ^^

  • “Fiesta Online”

    “Fiesta Online”, i lost interest in the reviews of this game the second i saw the name.
    No offense to hardcore mexicans who love this game, but this game seems like a joke.

    As for the other games, great list; Ill definitely go check these out. Runes of magic seems to be top of the list for a few of these sites, can’t wait to give it a go (as the pvp is said to be skill based).

  • Alcatraz

    Where in the world is PERFECT WORLD ? Where does it stand in these charts? Its a gorgeous game! And it tends to be forgotten very easily. The graphics / music / missions and story compare easily to the number 1 spot mentioned in these charts…..

  • Tina

    what about Shaiya? Or last Chaos? I was playing shaiya but my computer is being a bitch and it won’t load anymore so I’m switching to a new game. But I really liked Shaiya…got extremely obsessed

  • xavier14

    yes i played fiesta 2 it not a bad game but jbone is right is about mon3y and +9 and now there +10 is hard 2 get and where does Flyff stand xD

  • Tyler92

    Perfect world? Ha! That sitem ay have good games, but the people behind the games have problems. Just a few days ago, over 100 players left the billows because of two days of maint, that was only suppsoed to be 2 hours. As well, they stole over $100 real money from me, then banned me. Avoid them, at all cost.

  • Bianca

    Perfect world is the best game! Sorry Tyler but that is ur own personal opinion. Just cuz u got banned doesn’t make the game bad. So many of my friends r playin and they sayin it’s the best :)

  • Jodaman

    perfect world is ok i guess, but um it takes for ever to level, the only good thing about perfect world is that theres private servers. FIESTA IS AN AWESOME GAME, last chaos is also very slow leveling. i dont care if u nerds dont like my opinion cuz its my opinion, u **awesome** go get a life, especially if your gunna flme me like idiots

  • xun

    i play fiesta! n i think its very fun! n the funnest class is cleric, coz u can buff ppl, heal, cure, n revive them! i feel like being an angel :)

  • hugo

    and the perfect world!

  • saber

    these are ok i guess, but perfect world and atlantica really suck, perfect world is too childish and atlantica feels like a chore rather then fun… just my opinion don’t take it seriously.

  • Christian

    Fiesta is a horrible game, do not attempt to flame me because i am leaving it at this

    Perfect world is an Korean Grind fest

    Where is Silkroad at. its a good free game, but it highly relies on being payed for the hours of que to get in.

    Runescape. i played it and i liked it for a bit but i soon realized it was retarted but its always somthing to do

    Guild wars. how can you leave this out.. one time charge of $5 from you STORE

    Flyff its not the best but cmon.

    XIAH REBIRTH - i have NEVER seen this game on an top list and it is the BEST free to play i have seen in awhile

    this is my opinion and i do not wish to have a bunch of 10 year olds crying about what i have to say

  • Okonai

    saber ur dumb if u think perfect world is childish ive played the game and seen waht it can do sure it does have its flawes (leveling up.) but if u want a childish game play fiesta, grand fantasia, or

  • FinaLightS

    Ok, enough of all the raging. This is only ONE Top Ten List. Find another or something, but people please go rage about it somewhere else. I’ve played Runes of Magic, Requiem, Mabinogi, Navy Field, Perfect World, and Project Torque. They are all fine games with their flaws. Actually EVERY game has their flaws, just that F2P games have more, so people please stop spazing. It is a useless conversation when you argue about flaws in a game.
    As for the list itself, it is fair enough.

  • steyn

    silkroad is too a nice game !!

  • seedxmen

    I play perfect world and i have to say i don’t really have a problem with leveling because they give you many opportunities to level faster. i have 2 venomancers who are levels 94 and 62 (i do not use the cash shop) and i have only been play for 3 months. but now in perfect world they made the bounty hunters quests available three times and you can stack them. so i do not see the problem when it comes to leveling in perfect world

  • XtremeL

    I just want to say that Metin2 uk is the best game ever…really friendly atmosphere….easy to level up and missions are quite easy. You don’t need to buy items in order to play..i mean you can play really well without buying any items….

  • Xenezious

    ok My favorite is Last Chaos, but still despite my opinion I still look at statistics it was mentioned once in the comments, another one is flyff, I liked it, not my favorite, once again, I like Runescape ( some days you really need breaks from that game) but mentioned once…..the number one free mmorpg has been spoken for, and thats perfect world, you guys talk about it soo much, love or hate, or just not your thing (me)
    its obvious, that this site has lost ALOT of credibility with me, they might not new games like the ones on the list, but neither is youtube or google or ebay, and they are still among the top ten visted sites, this list should be call new free mmorpg of 2010 except a select few……Mabinogi…..and yes I’ve played that too, its gameplay is eh for me, but I love the size of it, or maybe I never got passed the new mmorpg smell, any way, don’t fuss over this list, you guys proved it wrong ten folled, from now on im coming to you guys for game tips…..power to the players lol I always wanted to say that :P

  • arne

    hello,i know many mmorpgs and my favourite ever was runescape:
    i will write a few points about it:

    1.its free(only for membership you must pay but they play on servers for members and you for free so that doesnt matter)
    2.a BIG world
    3.a good tutorial that leads you trough all skills and things you can do and some itemcombinations
    4.i think over 10000 items and almost all of them you can create(you cant create secret or quest-items)
    5.pvp worlds and a duelplace for 1 vs 1,you also can fight for the enemy money
    6.i think over 30 skills(i dont mean only combat skills),like atack,defend,magic,strengh,bow,fletch,woodcutting,cooking,firemaking,fishing etc.
    7.a grand exchange where you can trade with everyone of the worlds and servers at one time with other players players exactly when you see them up with others in quests against strong enemys or hard puzzles
    9.3 gods wich name i dont know now
    10.everywhere on the map are things for decoration and all decorations,items and so on have their own description many items(like 3 millons),wait a day and the item is worthing more so you can sell it
    12.many kinds of foods and some elixiers for healing your character your own house or get an animal thats defending you(only for members)
    14.the world is big,but members got a 3 times bigger and double quests
    15.graphic is 3d but not so good
    16.not many quests but they are realy fun
    17.secrets that arent in quests so find out by yourself and get secret items or weapons
    18.go in the wilderness to fight strong creatures and go trough it to go to even stronger enemys
    19.get skills up to 99 and join gulds when you are good enough
    20.some tools:friendslist,clan,noticebook,goals,a tool to find out the worth of an item
    21.EVENTS all few months,get special items and experience there
    22.if you dont want to train or explore the big map you can go play those minigames like bountyrun or capture the stone of one of those gods,its realy fun
    23.clanwars are also in it
    24.members got many minigames that they can choose
    25.sometimes you are teleported to a minigame or a quest thats realy funny(best are the quests from the world of devil bob(uncook the fish))XD
    26.i think over 30 emotes to do
    27.the peoples are VERY nice and will help you surely at the beginning with money and items and maybe how to do the puzzles from the quests
    28.a strategy system for fighting(ranger beats mage,mage beats meele,meele beats ranger)
    29.many combat skills to learn and creatures to kill with it(all creatures got description too)

    at all there is some more but i cant say it all cause i dont remember everything.
    its getting bored sometimes but if you reach a goal it gets realy fun again and the minigames you can play when you get can ask friends to play some games with you or dance with them or make races(new).
    i played many other games with good graphics like from world of warcraft and some nice moves and strategy systems but at all they get boring too fast and there is nothing hided so you play trough the game and end of story.only a few skills are there and also skills as same as runescape.its getting boring with time because you always do the same in the quests:run there,kill those,collect this,speak to him,run here,run there,kill this….
    even if you are realy addicted to it at the beginning its getting boring too fast and you search for other games.
    runescape was the first mmo i played and realy the best

    if there are some mistakes in writing,sorry im germany

  • badfurday58

    i wish it took less space to install runes of magic. i really wanna start playing that game to.

  • Liam Boulton

    See most of these games I got and they are the best free mmorpg i played especially Allods and DDO! Runes of Magic is good especially with the duel classes system, and free realms is ok. I haven’t played the rest.

  • alex

    runes of magic is a wow copy, the only cool thing is dual class system (2 classes at a time on one char) but it becomes annyoing as you have to level each class separately. other than that, a lame arsed copy of wow

  • Aye-chan

    YES MABI~! Mabi is the shitt :o All the other games are so typical with all the classes and such but mabi is different: you dont get a designated class so oyu ca do everyhting wit time. And i swear you can customize everyhitng right down to the colour of your swords hilt. It is the best MMO i have EVER played and i never go a week with out it.

  • cobain2641

    i think rom is awesome and makes wow look like a crap cheap game.Runes of Magic perfected the duel class feature in my opinion.

  • Teirblunt

    Yea its a ripoff of WoW… what its free and its a ripoff why not play it….not that i play runes of magic myself i did so happen to play it for 2 months thogh…i liked the game it was a little new for me ide at least give this game a chance before judging it.

    Atlantica online I would give that game a thumbs up on the turn base fighting mechanic its another game i would say give it a shot also.

    DDO i enjoyed that game alot for the longest time, If you have played Dungeons and Dragons on paperback you’ll like how they’ve set the game up.

    Free realms….hell its a ripoff of Runescape personally….and if you’ve played runescape you know finding a ripoff for it has to be the worst thing you could find lol

    Mabinogi I dont even want to waste my time testing this game out….tell me if its any good….in detail please so i dont get this ok….its good…or, You should just try it and see for yourself. No i want detail on the mechanics of the game not just this opinion crap

  • Demla

    Mabinogi gets so boring after a while, I’ll admit, the customization is quite the thrill. Along with the graphic, combat system is okay, but the overall gameplay is just complete dungeon runs. There’s a limit to this game, and I don’t know, to me i don’t like dungeon running constantly, it’s the only thing I usually do. I ended up quitting Mabinogi shortly, awaiting the newer version “Mabinogi: Heroes” or what the American name is “Vindictus” I bet that when it comes out it shall become the top MMO on the net. :) Hopefully no repetitive dungeon runs. *Yawns*

  • Himsa

    lol this guy wrote an essay about why Runescape is good.

    i’m playing Atlantica now and it’s pretty good. the help files cover about 90% of what you need to know, and the community in-game is nice enough to help you with the rest. the people seem a lot less competitive and more helpful than normal mmorpgs.

    A few of the games here are from IJJI and Nexon. Check them both out for other good f2p titles.

  • pwndragonz

    What’s the best game i should play?
    Battle of Inmortals or Perfect World?

  • MMORPG Center

    Try both:)

  • hokagelee

    i played anarchy online its a pretty great game and i love it but i really wanna try altiantica

  • nona

    Runes of Magic is a pretty good mmorpg in my opinion. It resembles World of Warcraft, but still, a good and interesting game.

  • adfdf

    I wouldn’t try Perfect World. It used to be good but the developers completely ruined it with their greed for cash. The economy is garbage and to get anywhere in the game you need to be a cashshopper.

  • Free Realms :BAD

    FRee Realms UGH I hate it… Thats my opinion

  • Jaycheezy

    Runes of magic is awesome

    But things im not starting to like is,

    They temporily disabled trading diamonds for gold with other players and theirs not that many things in the item shop because they don’t want to spoil the game by giving alot of cool things to the paying gamers but still have pretty cool stuff…

    But everything else is awesome :D

  • Jason

    Another free racing mmo game coming out is the brand new NFS: World. i’m a beta tester for it so i can’t giv too much away. Its only about 1.5 gb’s and this weekend u can sign up and play for free. for a nfs online game its absolutely awesome. much better than project torque by a long way. Puruits on it and very hard but tons of fun and the mp races are great. Fun community and lots of talking around. Give it a go. Full release is on the 20th of july. Free to play for first 10 lvls then about £14.99 one off payment. NO SUBSCRIPTION.

  • twig

    what?! No perfect world international. By far my favorite free mmorpg

  • rick

    well i tryed all these games is my opinion on them ..runescape has cheezy caractor , runes of magic is the same but also very snobbish people if your a noob there boring after you cap, instances over and over get old, project just sucks badly ohh and then the so called good ones perfect world is a pure grinding game and you have to spend alot of money if you pvp and want to get anywere, battle of imortals is ok at first but it gets old with only 2-d and you cant get anywere making money unless your on 24-7..gimme a good racing game and dont say drift city either after lvl 56-57 your all about grinding, i dont mind grinding some but not all the time from 56-57 and up, it gets pretty old

  • Ghoruk

    Allods was by far the best of them , but with the new patch it is no longer f2p (free to play) , you can not play it with any chances in pvp/pve now without items from the cash shop..

  • msn

    i like allods the most, has the most beautiful grafics and that with low system requirements, a big world, a lot of factions/races/classes. i think is the best free mmorpg at this moment

  • hydro

    allods WAS the best - but has gone to crapola online

  • Anonymouse

    I agree. After the July patch I flat-out quit from the hell it became. And before that, you basically run out of things to do from the lack of endgame content. Actually my entire guild quit.

  • david

    i think perfect world is the best ……..PWI RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zack

    Runescape used to be the 10th best but latly jagex has bin making the game go shit it all started when they got rid of wildy pking but what really pissed me and alot of people of was that trade limit bull crap i mean thats jsut stupid a bunch of noobs told jagex they where getting item scammed well then they shouldnt have bin frekin dumb asses and give people there crap like really Its stupid because if someones really rich and they wanna give me 1m then so be it but NO jagex has to be gay and put a trade limit on based on you quest points its just plain dumb the games bad enough and then they just made it go shit so yea it really sucks now because of there stupid crappy dumb updates i wish when they acually had a desent game they would have let it go rs went shiit and im shure you all agree soo yea rate me and

  • mike

    i liked allods online …but i din’t play for some good months now…plp say it turned bad. LOTRO is good but with many limitations(same with D&D online)…and the 10G client size+ downloud plobelms, it’s a pain.Runescape i’ve played it like 2 days, and i din’t like it.
    I want to try another one, could u pls say If i should try VINDICTUS? IS IT WORTHED?

  • Jason

    Allod’s Online was a blast until they forced you to purchase power in order to take on even leveled opponents. LOTRO is fun for about a week, but then it just becomes a chore; same is true of D&D, in my opinion. Runescape is much too cartoon-like and really offers nothing new.. it’s boring. I played closed beta for Vindictus and found that the action is extremely fun - they actually have a respectable combat cycle, but the thing that kills this game is that you are required to play the same instance 40 to 60 times in order to advance, and although the objectives are varied among the quests, it’s basically the same instance over and over and over. And over. Diablo 2 is still the best free to play game, despite the initial cost of the game ($25 for battle chest on Amazon as of today), in my opinion. Am waiting for Diablo 3. Am waiting for any non-asian free to play decent game. The asian style games all are similar and have quirky movement and their quality of game-play is indicative of the speed at which they are being released.

  • Suli

    The biggest problem with MMO’s today is that it is way too easy to get max lvl. Those of you who played in “the good old days” when it would take a year or more to gain max lvl in a game know what I mean. Anarchy Online was one of the best games ever made, hard like hell at higher lvls just as it should be but they patched in too much simplifying items it got silly.. u can actually get max lvl in a week if u really want to.. Same problem with most games today, smacktards get high lvls with little effort and get tired real fast :/

  • Rinei

    Ok, enough with the fight, just pick a random game off the list!
    If you don’t like them go to a diff one!
    I don’t like any of them except Vindictus, OK?!
    So just try a game and be happy.

  • locowoko

    I been playing perfect world for 2 years now and yeah they made it a bit harder to get in game coin but it sure is not very hard to level till u get from 100 to 105 which is max lvl cap at the moment and in the over 2 years that my server has been up no1 has hit max level yet. Whats a game that u can get max level in a week that’s about stupid. Id hit max level and quit. And if u do nothing but sit around in any game u wont make coin. i have made 30 mil in 1 day playing perfect world without cash shopping. Never played any other mmorpg in my life until PW i never liked em. I will never stop playing PW for any game. I would suggest it to any1 to try it out.

  • lewlew

    Perfect World is a good game, played it for 2 yrs; but it have one of the worst cash shop ever. Plan to spend alot alot just to be decent. Game also have serious class balance issues so check forum before play.

    The game basically just sells end game gear in the cash shop. feels like a bunch of private servers haha.

  • Dash126

    Allods is an awsome one. The graphics are great, however the user interface does kinda suck.

  • bolonostiky

    ok well i have played heaps of mmo games and im no nerd. perfect world is great it has greeat character customization and awesome graphics, the leveling is kinda slow but that is good if you want longer gameplay.

    fiesta, flyff and grand fantasia there is only a little difference the graphics are pretty much the same.

    this is wat i think so for all those nerds out there that will have a problem with this message go and get a life or dont bother reading

  • runescape player

    runescape’s free trade + old wildy is back!!! go to to vote for it, its at 1m votes so far. I havent played any of these games but a lot of them look cool i might try some of them out. right now i play rs its really hard to level up in f2p when ur at high levels. and members get a lot of stuff over f2p so its not really balanced i give it a 2/5 tbh its just so boring at high lvl f2p…. i have tried members and i ran out of things to do -quests and all- so i pretty much do barrows and sht til a new quest comes out which gets pretty boring only thing good is pvp and bh but that also gets stupid afterwhile thats my opinion but it might change after the upcoming updates =S

  • chuck

    dead frontier anyone? post apocolyptic zombie world. great PvP, great everything. great if you love zombies, and killing them.

  • Sanemon

    PWI is just awful, and such a grind-fest, I play WoW and look for something to break the pace when it gets boring; So playing another game where grinding is key, I just can’t stand. I don’t expect every game to be as good as a game with such a wonderful and well funded Dev team, I just expect something decent.

  • dfssdf

    Runes of magic should be at least on second place neck to neck with LOTRO. i played most of the free mmorpg, i must say the only 2 who have great quality and took my attention are the 2 i mentioned before. LOTRO was one of top 3 mmorpg when it was P2P(in my opinion)now going F2P it brings freemmorpgs to a new level, the first place in the top it’sdeserved. Till lorto came, Runes of magic was the most polishes, and best mmorpg in the F2P zone, and it is still up there even with lotro comming to the F2p mmorpgs

  • john

    league of legends is a great game. BUT IT’S MORE OF A MMORTS THEN A MMORPG. i’m sure u could find another good mmorpg instead of filling the top with non-mmorpgs . -_-

  • Anonymous shadow

    does anyone know maplestory or grandchase? or any mmorpg that isnt 3D?

  • CI-I1CK3N

    Fiesta is a great game~!
    Perfect world is awesome when it comes to customization, but the leveling takes forever, so I quit xD;;

  • adazy man

    i know perfect world is a great game but there is no mentioning of 4story

  • darkside

    rom is a nice game but if you wanne play wow or rom think that rom is free to play but you must pay real money to get diamonds (3000 diamond for 99.99 euro) that you always need to get a mount and upgrade any item.
    in wow you pay a for play time but then you have all to things you need ingame (npc or ah)

    free to play is there much to pay to get beter gear and stuff (this is the only game what i see where you must buy dia or you never get it to a high lvl char)

    ok rom its a nice game but realy not free to play to get a nice lvl char

  • Blackcat

    I tried all of them 4story, Fiesta… and so on…

    But i still think that the best MMMORPG is “Solstice Reborn”, it is free for every one, but they do have shop if you want to customize your character with cute dress up… lots of quests, chat window, bodies request, parties, pets (mounted pets), monsters to hunt, you can choose from 5 or 6 classes who you wanna be, 100 and something levels, very cute characters, perfect for the gamers WHO DON’T LIKE to see guts and blood all over after kill.. Can’t get bored easy…

    Sooooo, if you interested to find out some more… Why don’t you tried your self..

  • rizzu

    lol you guys must try tlbb …the bet game i ever played :) )

  • golden

    runes of magic is not the num 1 mmorpg its runescape

  • golden

    on rune scape they brought free trade and old wildy back

  • Ninja

    Perfect World is a great game , you guys should try it , and the 3 Best MMORPG’s are PWI , WoW and Warhammer, that is my opinion , you do not have to rate it



  • Ulquira

    best MMORPG that i play is Gates of Andaron..its just like WoW but in GoA free..

  • TDK

    Perfect world i have played. Yes it was large, big, nice scenery, but after a while, it gets very boring. All it is is another one of those “get me 10 of these and bring them bacl” type quests. I’ve also played fiesta. Too mush of one of those “Buy everything we have to do good games”. DDO is my favorite. New adventure around every corner, a real challenge, and very strategic. LOTRO is also pretty good. It may have some of those boring quest, but all in all has a storyline paying for the bad quests. The rest I have not played, but most of them look good. In conclusion, Only RPG’s with a good storyline, fun pvp empires, or fun quest should be recommended or played. Anything with bad storyline or bad quests is just anotehr cheap makeing to reel in cash.

  • Wisp

    mabinogi looks fun….but they dont have englis singapore server or south east asia one or something like perfect world international and alot of mabinogi stuff need to use money to buy(tht wat i heard, maybe bias)

  • leagueoflegends

    League of legends is the best mmorpg EVER! It is the best! Sadly, I can’t play it anymore. I wish I would. THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P

  • ray

    perfect world is by far the best game on the market. it is easy to lvl now you have bounty hunter quests, crazy stone and also hyper xo stones which give you x12 xp. the graphics are amazing and its very easy to get used to. i played runes of magic and deleted it after about half an hour of trying to find the quest log and the appalingly bad graphics.

  • Dude

    You guys should try Scions of Fate is really cool and nice graphics

  • Diamondketo

    Perfect World is the greatest. Its free and stuff. It should atleats be top 2. XD


    The Best Online Game is Silkroad Online


  • queenstyle.

    Perfect world isn’t such a good game i think. It’s kinda lame and bad-looking at some parts. I think Jade Dynasty, also created by PWI, is a way better game then Perfect World :D there are some dumb things in it (of cooouhrse) but it’s mostly fun “x) Should be in de list instead of Perfect World

  • RomzNormz

    my type of games: NFS world, world of warcraft, assassin’s creed 1&2, and many more ;

    Free2Play? …PWI people., of course there is cash shop. its business, and we are in the e-business era, c’mon grow up. you wont like spending the rest of your life leveling on a game, so leveling is fast. grinding? hell, what’s an mmorpg game w/o fighting monsters. End Game gears sold through cash shops? True, but also attainable by purchasing stuffs from ppl on the game. if your impatient, buy stuff. if you want to play free…strive. Damn dont be sooooo lazy people. Every game has it’s “boring” stage. My opinion is… are responsible of making yourself happy, nomatter what game you play, YOU make the experience happy, not exactly the game. Meet ppl in the game, make friends, create bonds. My advice? (this applies to all games you wanna play) “enjoy yourself with the game, dont make it your life. make it a past time. GET A REAL LIFE!
    LOL enjoy every little things.

  • Faildom

    I wouldn’t recommend this game, played it since the open beta started (2008 or something)
    It used to be a great game, but ever since early/mid 2009 it became more and more cashshop depending…
    Nowadays you can’t do crap unless you have atleast 1bil coins which is roughly 1000 bucks nowadays, or you must be a good merchanter which takes quite alot of time and patience.

    Do have to say that this game has probably best pvp of all the mmorpgs ive played so far..and ive played ALOT.

    Also, for the PVE folks out there, there’s like nothing to do once you hit lvl 100, only nirvana which is a waste of time because it yields like 400-500k per run and a run takes roughly 20mins with a very good squad (maximum attack speed chars). that amount of money used to be quite alot but you can’t do fuck with 100m nowadays.

    So is this game recommended? nope, game died in 2009.

  • wtfrpg

    Are there any good mmorpg games out there that are actually free.. getting smacked in the face with having to spend cash on intangible items just to be cool sucks. I don’t mind paying for a game but not game items! I have been done with WoW for a while now and I want something good, free is nice, i don’t mind paying for the game, and monthly payments suck but i can handle them if the game is worth it. Advice please, I’ve been searching for days.

  • Someone

    Runescape is fun if you know how to play it. It has a lackluster tutorial but besides that its a really good game. Even though I quit it was out of boredom (cause RPG’s tend to get boring when ur super strong.) But i recommend it if ur bored out of ur mind.

    Now Im looking for an RPG…do any of u recommend runes of magic?

  • udontneedtoknow

    ummmmm i tried fiesta for 5 days and then i couldnt bear all the boredom and just unistalled, seriously ppl just get WoW its much better than all these gamez, pretty pricy tho

  • blablabla

    well I used to play wow, now it just sucks because they destroyed everything I knew and so I tried out Rift. For those who don’t mind paying try it out. It totally wins. ;)

  • Cr@ppyGamerthatssomehowgood

    Fiesta.. That game is not MMO otherwise it wouldn’t come up with ‘ you are outside our coverage area’, perfect world is way to grindy, Rom is really crap and overhyped. Eden eternal is good, shaiya is really grindy, same with last chaos.

  • yo man comments

    guys pls shut up every game has flaws and to know which good games are free its really nice but i think the worlds of warcraft free version is the best

  • ty

    good games

  • Imnottellingyou

    League of Legends claiming very quickly, I thought LoL is beating DoTA

  • Bacchus91

    No this is stupid, all these games are only on the list cuz of good graphics….There is more to consider, you need good playerbase, lots of goals other than lvling and pvp. Such as bosses and dungeons. Crafting/Building stuff is good to keep playing, and last but not least, exploration

  • Artem Belugin

    the godfather 5 familes is a good game as well


    wheres DRAGON NEST :( (

  • Guest

    Perfect World is a piece of crap now. In order to be a “factor” you must spend hundreds. I’m serious. Not to mention the population is now about 1 english speaker to 3 engrish speakers. All the people with sense have left. The game used to be great and skill mattered you could be someone without having to spend but those days are over. Rank 9 cookie cutter gear or you won’t stand a chance. If you think you can farm it… LOL good luck, it will take you atleast a year. I know a crazy swedish guy who had no life and played everyday every waking hour and it took him months to farm just the weapon. That’s amazing in itself. Go ahead and try it, walk out into west archo and get stealth killed before the damage even registers on your screen. Practically everyone has rank 9 gear on there. I played pwi for 2 years so I know what I’m talking about. Even if you just want to PvE you won’t find many under 100 doing any of it, Everyone goes to FF/FC and pay (ofcourse from cash shopping) 5 attacks per second people to power level them, takes a matter of days to get 100 (105 is max) Loved that game and sad to see it go to crap….

    • redfredrick

      that reminds me of Jagex’s runescape

  • Ionut Antarus

    drakensang online? cabal online? did you smoke something?

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  • ComaBunny

    Wheres Runes of Magic??? lol

  • Ryan Jones

    I used to play Second Life myself, though the computer I had it on didn’t support it too well, so I had to quit that game.   By the way, I wonder if there are any good MMORPGs on Xbox Live?  One game I can think of so far is Castlevania Harmony of Despair.

  • Valentin Filimon

    Star Trek Online should be number 2.

  • Francis Karlo Español

    that all ol games are dumps if compared to dragonnest best game full 3 dimentional best skills moves

  • Francis Karlo Español

    that all games are dumps if compared to dragonnest best mmorpg vest best skills moves best dungeons and nests

  • Deejay Baji

    wtf man lol isn’t a mmorpg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wouter ‘David’ De Vries

    LoL is an rpg? 

    You are wrong good sir!

  • Mufasa

    nice list, love Planet Side 2, Tera nice combat, Drakensang its ok, but pay to win…