World of Warplanes - Interview

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MMORPG Center recently sat down with World of Warplanes's producer Anton Sitnikov to talk about the game's main features.

World of Warplanes is a flight combat MMO action game set in the Golden Age of military aviation. The game continues the armored warfare theme marked in the highly-acclaimed World of Tanks and will throw players into a never-ending tussle for air dominance.

World of Warplanes - Interview

MMORPG Center: What can we expect from World of Warplanes after we played World of Tanks? (Do you want to apply the same formula and improve it in this game, or try something different?)

Anton Sitnikov: The game will work in a quite similar way to World of Tanks, letting players work up tech trees between which they’ll be able to select their favourite warbird from World War II, battling it out in the sky against other players in 15 vs 15 matches. The game will use the enhanced and updated version of the BigWorld engine we have in World of Tanks. Our team is trying to strike a similar balance to World of Tanks, combining accessible controls with historically accurate aircrafts. Accessibility is among major priorities for; therefore we’ve developed a fairly simple flight mode, unobtrusive interface and a number of special features to assist those new to flying and piloting. In other words, World of Warplanes will combine simplified controls with deep game mechanics and sophisticated damage system. Although the basic idea will be the same as in World of Tanks, World of Warplanes has a number of peculiarities connected with air combat. It predetermined a dynamic 3D character of the title as well as several other aspects, such as, for instance, game modes. As far as a warbird can’t secure a base, World of Warplanes will be largely about destroying either ground or air enemy targets.

MMORPG Center: How is the control of planes designed? Did you kept a mix of realism and easy to use/control like in World of Tanks?

Anton Sitnikov: Fun gameplay is the highest priority for us, because that’s what makes people start playing a game and keeps them coming back to it. Focusing on reaching the perfect balance between fun and historical accuracy, we’ve decided to avoid implementing too sophisticated behavioral models for airplanes. The driving model will be a middle ground between the simulation and the sheer brute-force approach. The game will be user-friendly and anyone who is more or less accustomed to shooters or familiar with WoT won’t encounter any problems adjusting to it. World of Warplanes will have much to offer as regards game controls. Players will be able to choose from four different control systems: a joystick, for hardcore fans of the old flight simulators, keyboard and mouse, keyboard and gamepad.

MMORPG Center: Does the game has carrier landing and take offs?

Anton Sitnikov: At least on the initial stages, there will be no take offs — players will start battles in the air for the game not to lose its dynamics. As for the landing, we’ll implement it as an option – after the battle is finished the player will be able to land for an extra amount of XP points. Probably, there’ll also be a landing runway somewhere on the map for those players who realize that due to the damage they have taken they can no longer be of any help to their team in battle and do not want to spend their time flying meaninglessly or just crash and pay for repairs.

MMORPG Center: What game modes are available?

Anton Sitnikov: We’ll kick off with the primary mode where players will have to either knock down all hostile units or destroy the enemy base. We’re also thinking of adding “escort missions” where the team’s main objective will be to protect AI-controlled bombers flying from point A to point B on the map. Some other ideas are also discussed, but it’s too early to talk about them.

MMORPG Center: How many players can play on instanced map?

Anton Sitnikov: We’ll stick to the same model as in World of Tanks: two teams with15 players each. Perhaps, there will be a slightly different number of players for some of the scenarios that are under development right now.

MMORPG Center: How much realism is present in the game? Do factors like speed, armor thickness, distance and weather count?

Anton Sitnikov: The game will present a decent balance between authenticity and action, where weather effects (clouds, fog, blindness effect which creates quite a limited view) require players to come up with intricate combat tactics. Unlike World of Tanks, terrain in World of Warplanes is more of an enemy, requiring more positional and tactical awareness to fight effectively.

World of Warplanes - Interview

MMORPG Center: Do you plan to release the game with a persistent war feature like in World of Tanks?

Anton Sitnikov: Yes, upon the release, players will have the Global Map under their disposal, which will have the same mechanics as in World of Tanks, so those who shift from tanks to warplanes won’t get confused with unfamiliar interface, yet it’s simple enough to get used to by players who didn’t have WoT experience. Which is more, there will be a single Global Map for all of our projects. Clans from World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Battleships will be able to cooperate on the Global Map supporting each other, and thus jointly contribute to the overall alignment of forces.

MMORPG Center: Is there any single player / PVE content, like team based missions?

Anton Sitnikov: World of Warplanes will also have more mission types than its predecessor. The basic winning conditions in random battles will be to destroy either the enemy base or all the enemy planes. We might introduce some PvE content, but merely as means of players’ training. However, some scenarios will have AI-controlled units: we are considering the option of adding “convoy” missions after the official release of the game.

MMORPG Center: Do you plan to link all these worlds into one in the future? It could be great to have a full air, water and ground warfare.

Anton Sitnikov: As for the unifying platform for the three titles, games will have common monetary system. An integrated game profile will allow players transfer both gold and Free Experience from one ‘world’ to another. Limitless war will be realized through relative integration on the Clan Wars level. Although we aren’t planning to mix tanks, battleships and planes in real battles, air clans, naval clans, and tank clans will cooperate and support each other on the Global Map. For instance, a tank clan and a plane clan that control the same province will be able to provide each other with certain “clan consumables” – the plane clan will get an AI-controlled anti-aircraft artillery that will help it secure the base, while the tank clan will have AI-controlled airstrike to be used in combat. This sort of mutual support will be possible within the battles for this particular province only.

MMORPG Center: When is game scheduled for release?

Anton Sitnikov: World of Warplanes is in closed alpha testing stage right now and we’re currently recruiting new testers for it. We plan on launching the closed beta early next year.

MMORPG Center: Thanks for your time.

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